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Bonanza Bingo

What is ‘Bonanza Bingo’?

Bonanza bingo is a type of bingo game typically played immediately following the regular bingo session. There is also an electronic version of this game, in which the players buy tickets prior to the beginning of the session with the pre-drawn numbers already in place.

‘Bonanza Bingo’ Explained

The term bonanza bingo defines a sort of bingo game that is coverall in nature and normally directly follows the regular, larger session of bingo. It is usually the 13th game in a typical session.The game of regular bingo involves the drawing of between 43 and 48 numbers before the main session begins. Upon the player buying a ticket, they will mark off all of the pre-drawn numbers already known to them. At a certain point in the game, the caller (that is, the person who announces the numbers to the bingo hall) will ask the players if anyone has achieved bingo (namely, if all their numbers on their ticket have successfully been crossed off). If no player has yet achieved bingo, the caller will begin to draw one number at a time until somebody does get, and shout, bingo. This process at the end of the main session is called bonanza bingo.Sometimes referred to as a progressive game, bonanza bingo often has its jackpot increase if the pot is not won or bingo not called before a certain amount of numbers are drawn. When this happens, the game is simply played again with an increased 'ball count' as well as a larger jackpot – the direct result of a rollover from the previous game.If a player happens to shout bingo after the set number count has already been reached and surpassed, they will win a sort of second prize as opposed to the main jackpot. If they hit bingo before this time, however, they will win the jackpot, at which time the ball count reverts to its initial number – 43. The process repeats itself.