Block Betting

What is ‘Block Betting’?

Block betting is a full cover bet, similar to a trixie, goliath and yankee bet, recently introduced by the online betting company Bet365. A block bet consists of nine to 12 selections that combine to form all the doubles, trebles and more that make the bet almost foolproof. Unfortunately, a block bet has a big downside. It consists of up to 4,083 individual bets. Even if you make the minimum 5p bet, which would mostly result in only enough profit to buy a pack of polo mints, you would still be placing £200 in total. A £1 stake would be a total stake of £4,000.

‘Block Betting’ Explained

On the upside, only two winners have to come through to make a profit and the bet may be worthwhile if you have both the time to make it and the funds to cover it.

First of all, you need to know that Bet365 is the only online sportsbook that allows block betting. Though that severely limits the choices you can make, it does mean that you get to place your block bets on a reputable sportsbook that offers a low betting minimum.

Secondly, before you make your bet, you should use a block betting calculator to work out the profits. You can find these at sites such as Free Bet Calculator and Jolly Odds.

Using the Jolly Odds calculator as an example, you first have to choose whether you want to make 9, 10, 11, or 12 block bet. In the odds offered section you then type the odds offered by the book maker for each betting block. In the result section you enter whether you are betting on a win, loss, place or non-runner. In the rule section you enter the percentage of your stake you are betting on a particular block. At the bottom of the form you enter your stake and the calculator automatically calculates the total stake and the return and profit you could potentially make.

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