Blank (poker)

<2>What is a Blank?

In games of poker, the term ‘Blank’ describes a card without significant value for a specific hand. These typically tend to be ‘Community Cards’ – that is, cards dealt face up on the poker table for all players to see and use.

‘Blanks’ are almost worthless, adding no benefit to a player’s hand. These, however, are better to have than ‘Bricks’; as its nickname suggests, a ‘Brick’ is a card that weighs the player down, being completely undesirable instead of just being insignificant to the player. ‘Rags’ and ‘Bombs’ have similar meanings.

Blank Explained

A ‘Blank’ is a card that does not appear to have a significant value associated with it. ‘Blanks’ are almost always a ‘Community Card’. Another term for the ‘Blank’ is a ‘Rag’, and these are similar in nature to ‘Bombs’ and ‘Bricks’.

‘Rag’ is actually used more frequently than the term ‘Blank’ is, and refers more specifically to cards that are practically worthless, adding nothing to the value of a player’s hand. ‘Blanks’ or ‘Rags’ are most commonly low cards in games that rely on having many high-scoring cards to win. For example, ‘Community Cards’ showing a two or a three would be considered ‘Blanks’ to players aiming for a royal flush.

Conversely, ‘Blanks’ could be higher cards in a low-hand game. Similarly worthless to players, these cards are less commonly known as ‘Blanks’ in favour of the terms ‘Bombs’ and ‘Bricks’.

These differ in one major way: ‘Bricks’ are cards that the player simply does not want to have, as opposed to ‘Blanks’, which contribute nothing to the player’s overall hand. ‘Bricks’ are therefore worse to have than ‘Blanks’.

A ‘Bomb’ is an interchangeable phrase with ‘Bricks’ and means exactly the same, and differs from ‘Blanks’ and ‘Rags’ in the same way. The term ‘Bomb’ has negative connotations both inside the casino and outside it, explaining its association with valueless cards.