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Bingo Lingo

What is 'Bingo Lingo'?

Online Bingo games have a unique language, known as 'Bingo Lingo,' ranging from the interesting Bingo Calls to the abbreviations and bingo slang used in the bingo game chatrooms. Bingo games are very sociable, and your fellow chatroom players will welcome you with 'GTSY' which means 'Good to See You' and 'JK' which means 'Just Kidding.' They're just being friendly, but it is important to know a bit of Bingo Lingo yourself if you want to join the party.

'Bingo Lingo' Explained

If you have ever played online bingo, then you are probably familiar with some of the Bingo Lingo. The patois of bingo is extraordinarily out of the ordinary, and it spans a full spectrum of expressions, idioms, and phrases, many of which are engaging and humurous.There are different types of Bingo Lingo that is often used. There are the Bingo Calls, which are associated with the calling of the numbers as they are drawn. Bingo calls typically rhyme with the number.There are different types of bingo games, such as 75 ball, 80 ball, and 90 ball bingo. 90 ball bingo consists of a full collection of unique bingo calls, thanks to the UK, where that particular form of bingo is primarily played. The UK is where bingo calls gained popularity among players.Bingo Lingo has existed for many decades, and are in important element of the game of bingo. When bingo was popularized back in the 1960s, the way to create more fun and excitement was to introduce the fabric of linguistic terminology. Bingo Lingo is is the all-encompassing term that consists of Bingo Calls, and all the terminology and phraseology, including chatroom text, used by bingo players throughout the course of all the games played.There is no right or wrong way to use the Bingo Calls, as the callers can begin with the selected number, followed by the associated phrase. It can also be alternated or reversed. As mentioned earlier, the Bingo Calls originated in the UK, however many have been transformed across continents creating unique demographic modifications. Some Bingo Calls rhyme simply for the purpose of rolling easily off the tongue, while others will make absolutely no sense whatsoever. They all take on an entirely new meaning once you understand the history behind each of them.There are regional variants for the Bingo Calls, and depending on where you choose to play, some of them will vary slightly. Whether you play 75 ball or 90 ball bingo, you will find the most common Bingo Calls used for all 90 balls below.Starting with numbers 1 through 19, let's explore the Bingo Calls that are used today, along with some of the interesting histories behind them.1 – Kelly’s Eye: Based on the Valiant comic book hero named Tim Kelly, who found a gem known as the Eye of Everlasting Life, also known as 'Kelly's Eye.' The gem gave Kelly superhuman powers so long as he was wearing it around his neck, and he used these powers to become a hero. 2 – One Little Duck: Because the number 2 resembles a duck. 3 – Cup of Tea: Rhymes, plus the British love tea! 4 – Knock at the Door: Rhymes 5 – Man Alive: Rhymes 6 – Tom Mix: Rhymes, and Tom Mix was a silent western film star. 7 – Lucky 7: The number 7 represents Good Fortune in most cultures. 8 – Garden Gate: Rhymes 9 – Doctor’s Orders: Number 9 was a laxative pill given out by army doctors in WWII 10 – David’s Den: A reference to whoever currently resides at Number 10 Downing Street. 11 – Legs Eleven: Because the numbers resemble a pair of legs; Bingo players often wolf whistle in response to this number being called. 12 – Just One Dozen: Reference to the number associated with a dozen f anything. 13 – Unlucky for Some: Reference to this number often associated with bad luck. 14 – The Lawnmower: The original lawnmower had a 14-inch blade. 16 – Never been Kissed: The legal age for sexual consent in the UK. 17 – Dancing Queen: This number is mentioned in the lyrics of the song by 'Abba.' 18 – Coming of Age: Eighteen is the age of majority in the UK. 19 – Goodbye Teens: Last of the teenage years.Moving on to Bingo Calls 20 through 51: 20 – One Score: No one is quite sure of the story behind 20 21 – Key of the Door: The traditional age of majority. 22 – Two Little Ducks: Resembles a pair of ducks. When this is called during the game, players will respond with 'quacks.' 23 – The Lord is My Shepherd: The first words of Psalm 23 of the Old Testament 24 – Knock at the Door: Rhyme 25 – Duck and Dive: Rhyme 26 – Two and Six, Half a Crown: Reference to pre-decimalized currency in the UK. 27 – Duck and a Crutch: Resembles a duck and a crutch. 28 – Two and Eight, In a State: Rhyme 30 – Burlington Bertie: Rhyme 31 – Get Up & Run: Rhyme 32 – Buckle My Shoe: Rhyme 33 – All the Threes: Called with an irish accent. 34 – Ask for More: Rhyme 35 – Jump and Jive: Reference to a dance step. 36 – Just Three Dozen: 3 Xs 12 equals 36. 39 – Steps: Reference to 39 Steps. 40 – Life Begins At: Reference to the phrase 'Life Begins at 40.' 41 – Life's Begun & Time for Fun: Reference to life beginning at 40 a year later. 42 – Famous Street in Manhattan: Reference to 42nd Street. 43 – Down on Your Knees: Rhyme 44 – Droopy Drawers: Rhyme 45 – Halfway There: Reference to being halfway to number 90. 46 – Up to Tricks: Rhyme 47– Four & Seven: reference to the numbers themselves. 48 – 4 Dozen: 4 Xs 12 equals 48, or 4 dozen. 49 – Rise & Shine: Rhyme 50 – Bullseye: Reference to points in a dart game. 51 – The Highland Div: Originates from the name of the UK's 51st Army DivisionFinally let's look at numbers 52 through 90: 52 – Lowland Div: Originates from the name of the UK's 52nd Army Division 53 – Here comes Herbie: Herbie the VW's racing number. Players will respond with a 'Beep-Beep!' when this is called. 54 – Egg and Sausage: 55 – Musty Hive: Rhyme 56 – Shotts Bus: Reference to the former number of the bus from Glasgow to Shotts. 57 – Heinz Beanz: Reference to Heinz 57 sauce. 59 – The Brighton Line: Reference to original starting numbers to Brighton telephone numbers. 60 – Grandma’s Getting Frisky: Rhyme 62 – Tickety-Boo: Rhyme 65 – Stop Work: Reference to the mandatory age of retirement in the UK 66 – Clickety Clicks: Rhyme 69 – Anyway Up: Reference to sex position '69.' 71 – Bang on the Drum: Rhyme 72 – Danny La Rue: Rhyme referring to the British drag queen. 73 – Lucky Three: Rhyme referencing the Lucky number 7 with 3 74 – Candy Store: Rhyme 75 – Strive & Strive: Rhyme 76 – Trombones: Reference to the marching band song called 'Seventy Six Trombones.' 77 – Two Little Crutches: Resembles two crutches. 80 – Gandhi’s Breakfast: The eight is Ghandi sitting with legs crossed, and the zero is the breakfast tray. 83 – Stop Farting!: The number eight is the bottom, and the number three is the fart. When this is called, players say 'Who? Me?' 84 – Seven Dozen!: 7 Xs 12 equals 84. 85 – Staying Alive: Rhyme 86 – Between the Sticks!: Rhyming reference to a goalkeeper in football or soccer who stands between the goalposts. 87 – Torquay in Devon: Rhyme 88 – Two Fat Ladies: Resembles two fat ladies standing side by side. 89 – Nearly There: Reference to being the next to the last number in the entire set of 90 Bingo Calls. 90 – Top of the Shop: Meaning this is as far as we go.Here are some cool bingo lingo terms for several other numbers that you will come across during your gaming sessions: 22 – Two little ducks 29 – In your prime 30 – Dirty Gertie 39 – Jack Benny 40 – Life begins at 50 – Half a century 53 – Stuck in a tree 77 – Sunset strip 85 – Staying alive 86 – between the sticks 88 – Two fat ladies More often than not, the bingo caller determines the mood of the moment when calling numbers. At online bingo venues, there is plenty of variation when it comes to the bingo parlance that is used, and with so many bingo callers hosting chat rooms – there’s never a dull moment.Bingo Lingo for the Chatroom:AFAIK: as far as I know AFK: away from keyboard AFK2P: away from keyboard (to pee) AKA: also know as ASAP: as soon as possible BBIAM: be back in a minute BBL: be back later BBS: be back soon BDT: 'bout darn time BF: boyfriend BLNT: better luck next time BRB: be right back BTW: by the way CYA: see ya CYAL8R: see ya later EMSG: email message FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions FWIW: for what it's worth FYI: for your information GF: girlfriend GG: good going (good game) GL: good luck GLA: good luck all GLE: good luck everyone GM: good morning GMTA: great minds think alike GN: good night GTSY: glad to see you H&A: hug and kiss HB: hurry back HIS: hangin head in shame IC: I see IYKWIM: if you know what I mean IGP: I gotta pee IGPI: in my opinion IRL: in real life JK: just kidding JMO: just my opinion JTLYK: just to let you know KIT: keep in touch KOTC: kiss on the cheek KOTL: kiss on the lips L8R: later L8RG8R: later gator LMAO: laughing my @$$ off LOL: laughing out loud LOFTING: talking in private chat (the loft) LTNS: long time no see LUWAMH: love you with all my heart LY: love ya NETUA: nobody ever tells us anything NP: no problem OIC: oh, I see OMG: oh my goodness (gawd) OTOH: on the other hand PITA: pain in the @$$ PM: private message POOF: I have left the chat PPL: people QT: cutie RE: hi again (as as re's) ROFL: rolling on floor laughing ROFLMAO: rolling on floor laughing my @$$ off RTF: read the FAQ RTSM: read the stupid manual SAC: sorry all close SO: significant other SOHF: sense of humor failure SPAM: Stupid Persons' Advertisement SRY: sorry SWAK: sealed with a kiss SWL: screaming with laughter SYS: see you soon TC: take care TOY: thinking of you TPTB: the powers that be TTFN: ta ta for now TTYL: talk to you later TX: thanx TY: thank you TYVM: thank you very much VEG: very evil grin WB: welcome back WTG: way to go WTH: what/who the heck WYSIWYG: what you see is what you get YBS: you'll be sorry YMMV: your mileage may vary YSR: yeah… sure… right YVW: you're very welcome YW: you're welcome *G*: giggle or grin *H*: hug *K*: kiss *S*: smile *W*: wink (((name))): hugs 1TG: One to go - you are one call away from Bingo! 2TG: Two to go - you are two calls away from Bingo!Bingo Terminology: Blackout or Coverall or Full House: A pattern where you must cover the whole card to win. Caller: The person who calls out the bingo numbers for the player. Card: Your bingo playing card. Chat Room: When playing online, an area where you can communicate with other bingo players. CM/CH: Chat Moderator/Chat Host - the person who manages the chatrooms! Dauber: The marker that you use on your bingo card to mark off the numbers as they are called. Early Bird Game: A bingo game that starts before another regularly scheduled game. Free Space: The middle square of your bingo card in 75 ball bingo. Game Board: The display board over your cards that shows you the balls in play. Jackpot: What you're playing for when you play bingo. Lobby: The main page of a bingo site. Mini Games: Side games such as slots and scratchcards that you can play at the same time as bingo. Pattern: The area of the card you need to cover to win. Progressive Jackpot: A larger jackpot offered to players who call in bingo within a certain number of calls. Roomies: Your fellow bingo players. Shutters: Used instead of a dauber (or dabber) to cover your bingo numbers. WDW: Well Done Winner. Used in bingo chat rooms to congratulate other players. WTG: Way To Go. Used in bingo chat rooms to congratulate other players.