Big 8

What is ‘Big 8’?

The term Big 8 is commonly used in conjunction with craps games. Its use refers to a person having made a bet that an eight will be rolled before a seven is. The phrase can also be written and referred to as big eight.

Although this is an even money bet, the house edge appears to be significant, totalling just over 9% in the casino’s favour.

‘Big 8’ Explained

When declared, the phrase big 8 means that someone has bet on an eight being rolled before a seven in a game of craps.

If, indeed, an eight is rolled before a seven and the player’s bet has been successful, even money is paid. This bet also holds a house edge of approximately 9.1%.

But big 8 is not the only verbal declaration associated with a craps bet. Similarly, for example, the term big 6 refers to a bet being made on a total of six being rolled before a total of seven comes up (which is also an even money bet). Also, the expression big red – although it does not follow the standard ‘big (number)’ format – is a bet on a sum of seven being rolled. Betters call this bet big red because speaking the word “seven” at a craps table is thought to be bad luck.

There are a number of other terms related to the rolling of the number eight in games of craps. For instance, the term hard way refers to a bet made on a four, a six, an eight, a ten, or a twelve being rolled. It wins only when the rolled dice show the same number and add up to one of these five numbers – such as a hard way bet made on a sum of ten being made by two fives being rolled.