Betting Wrong

What is ‘Betting Wrong’?

In a game of craps, the term betting wrong is simply betting that the dice will not end up winning and that the shooter will lose. They do this by staking don’t pass and don’t come wagers, among others.

The people who make this kind of bet are called wrong bettors, although it is worth noting that this is simply a technical term and that, in fact, they are doing nothing “wrong” in terms of game rules or behaviour.

Betting Wrong’ Explained

Those who make a habit of betting wrong in games of craps are called wrong bettors, and it is they who bet that the shooter in any game will lose – that is, rolling a seven before throwing the point.

On the other side of the coin are those who bet right, or right bettors. These players will bet that the shooter will “win” – namely, that they will roll the point and then throw a seven. This type of bet is called the pass line bet.

The names wrong bettor and right bettor, as well as betting wrong and betting right, are seen to be obsolete in online craps games; there is no physical shooter to cast the dice. However, the role of the shooter is not necessary, and it is more the concept of the bet that matters for these bettors.

In much the same way, betting on the pass line bet will mean that you are betting right, while betting against it or not betting on it will make you a wrong bettor – regardless of the medium, be it online or at a land-based casino.

Betting wrong and betting right have specific, designated places on the craps table for placing bets related to either of these. These are located either beneath or beside the main number section of the board, which the players use to bet on the point.