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Betting Stakes

What are ‘Betting Stakes’?

A betting stake is the amount of money you place on an individual wager.

‘Betting Stakes’ Explained

Whenever you place money on an outcome to take place you are using a betting stake. The amount of money can be small or large, but however much it is the sum equates to the betting stake.Depending on which bet you place will depend on how your stake is split up. If you place a win bet with just one line, whether it is a single, a double, treble or more then the entire stake will go on that bet.If your bet is an each way bet then your betting stake will be split up. Half will go on the win part of the bet and half will go on the place part making up the full wager.Here is an example:Two punters place a bet where the total stake is £10.Punter A backs Red Rum to win the Grand National in a win bet. His £10 betting stake goes completely on the horse to win.Punter B backs Red Rum to win the Grand National each way. His £10 betting stake is split into two. £5 will go on the horse to win and the other £5 goes on the horse to place in line with the place terms.Some bets have more than one line. Bets like a Yankee or a Lucky 15 have multiple lines which means the betting stake is split up into a much greater number.If you place a Yankee that is 11 bets in total, and your total betting stake was to be £11, then £1 would go on each line. You would then get paid out on each winning line to a £1 stake to make up your overall returns.The same thing happens with a Lucky 15 except there are 15 bets, so if you had a £1 betting stake per line the total would equal £15.