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Betting Options

What are ‘Betting Options’?

Betting options are the many different forms of bet available to a punter whether he is in a bookmaker or a casino.

‘Betting Options’ Explained

There are plenty of betting options in the modern world with the invention of the internet. Whether you are a poker player, a casino visitor or a sports bettor, the options you have now are endless.Betting options in card games differ to sports betting. In a standard poker game, your options for betting are to call or to raise while in blackjack your betting options are to stick or twist. If you twist you can double down.The bulk of the betting options come in sports betting be it horse racing, football, tennis, golf or any such sport. The two main options for a bet are win bets and each way bets.If you place a win bet you are betting on a selection to win. If you place an each way bet then you will still get a return if your selection loses narrowly.Within each of those betting options, you have a number of other bet types. You can add more than one selection to a bet to form a double, treble, fourfold or bigger depending on the number of selections you have.On most sporting events, there are many different betting options too. In a normal football match, you can bet on the match outcome, the number of goals, a player to score the first goal and much more.In American Football, each match comes with match odds as well as a handicap and total points and many bookmakers offer up a lot more betting markets too for punters to go at.There have never been more betting options than in the present day, regardless of which form of gambling you undertake.