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What is ‘Bank’?

The term bank can describe many things in the casino and gambling industry, given the very nature of the word and its association with finance.Most commonly, however, bank is used to describe the accumulated funds that are held by a casino, banker or dealer in some games. Similarly, bank can commonly refer to the player’s own spending limit, and even their earnings won so far (prior to cashing out, that is).

‘Bank’ Explained

Bank is the term used to refer to the pool of money that is held either by the casino at large, or individually by the banker or dealer of some table games.Because the word bank has associations with financial institutions and money handling, and because players go to casinos with the hope of winning some cash, it makes sense for this fund to be referred to thusly.On the other side of the coin, the term bank – or, more commonly, betting bank – can be used to refer to the money held by the player. Sensible casino-goers will often set aside a specific amount of money that they will use to gamble with on any given day in the casino. This betting bank will promote good bankroll management and can even help to prevent the bettor from spending too much money and potentially ending up broke.Less commonly, bank refers to the action the player makes when they wish to cash their winnings out. This is likely because, once more, it is their own winnings bank in which their current pot is being held (such as on a slot or fruit machine).Across the board, then, bank is a word linked with funds of money in a specific pot, set aside for a specific use – be that spending at the casino, or dishing out to winning gamblers. Want to play a free slot? Play Action Bank Slot now!