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What is ‘AWP’?

AWP is a shortened, simplified version of the term ‘Amusement with Prizes’. An AWP is a type of slot machine that offers a degree of interaction between the player and the machine.

'AWP’ Explained

An AWP is a type of slot machine. AWP is short for Amusement with Prizes – a term that defines the machine as one which provides a form of interaction among the player and the machine itself.AWP machines generally do not call for the player to possess any extraordinary skill in the casino; these games rely on chance alone, which is why the word amusement is part of their official name. SWP machines, on the other hand, do require the player to demonstrate a level of skill while using them; standing for ‘Skill with Prizes’, these games reward the player for their prowess in the casino, while the AWP slot machine is typically intended for amusement – as its name suggests.Members of the gambling public tend to know these types of slot machines by simpler names such as fruit machines. The terms AWP and SWP – as well as their full names – are both trade phrases, meaning that only those in the actual casino trade tend to refer to them as such.Use of the terms also seems to differ depending on the establishment at which they are installed. For instance, they are commonly known as AWPs if they are housed at pubs or arcades, whereas the same machine may be called a slot at a land-based casino.Regarding licensing, AWP games tend to have lower payouts and reduced limits on possible player bets. This is presumably due to the fact that they require no skill from the player, and so rewarding them with hefty prizes could be viewed as controversial.AWP slot machines are banned in Switzerland, but interestingly, SWPs are not. This has been the case since 2005 – the year of the Gambling Act under which these games are licensed and regulated.