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Average Bet

What is ‘Average Bet’?

Quite simply, average bet is the average size of the bet you have placed. This can be measured in a single casino session or over time with an online bookmaker or even in cash amounts in a shop.

‘Average Bet’ Explained

An average bet is something which interests professional casino punters more than recreational ones. It is your total amount staked divided by the number of bets you have placed.Serious punters should always know what their average bet is. They are playing for value and margins so when the edge is on their side, they should bet more than the average. The theory also works the other way round when the odds are against them.Sports punters’ average bet may vary much more than those who play in the casinos. The general rule for a serious sports better is to use 1% of their bankroll on any bet and, of course, that 1% amount will increase with the more winners they have and decrease if they are on a losing run.Knowing what size your average bet is can be more important for card games such as blackjack. If you have worked out that there haven’t been many aces out of the shoe, for example, you should know the chances of you being dealt a blackjack are much higher, in which case you can stake more than your average to ensure better payouts.The same occurs the other way round, too. If aces have come out regularly, you are unlikely to get a blackjack until the shoe is restarted so betting your average or more than that would not be wise.When playing poker it can be beneficial to disguise your average bet as, if you are too consistent, others at the table may catch onto you, which isn’t what you are after. The more disguised your average bet is the easier it is to perform bluffs and takedowns.