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What is 'Autoplay'?

Autoplay is a feature favored by many online casino titles. It allows players, who are usually relatively experienced, to implement their own pattern of playing without physically needing to operate the game themselves. For those that have a set way of playing, it can minimize the effort needed to play an online casino game and increase the enjoyment of the player, as they can sit back and relax.

'Autoplay' Explained

Why play online casino games when you can sample the excitement and atmosphere inside a real life casino complex? For many, it comes down to being able to play in the comfort of their own home, as well as the multitude of features that online games are able to offer. One of the most popular features is Autoplay, which allows players to sit back as their programmed pattern of play is implemented by the computer. They are not even required to perform standard tasks such as pressing the spin and re-bet buttons. This speeds up the whole game playing experience and for some allows them a level of relaxation that simply cannot be achieved when they have to think about the physical side of playing an online casino game.After setting up the number of spins that they require, players can even multi-task and watch TV or get on with work while the software does its magic. With intelligent features such as expert modes, some games allow for a deeper kind of strategising, which is designed to further optimize playing patterns. Video poker and blackjack are two games which typically offer autoplay as part of their online feature set, with options to customize according to a player's preferences including: number of seconds in between spins, the number of spins, and whether to stop if a jackpot is one.