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What is ‘Argine’?

Argine is a nickname for the Queen of Clubs. It is one of many names that the particular playing card has.

‘Argine’ Explained

Most cards in the standard playing deck have nicknames. Some have many, some not so many. One of the names for the Queen of Clubs is argine. It is thought that the name could come from an anagram of Regina who was the Queen of Latin. Another legend is that the name originates from the Greek word Argos. The word argine is also Italian, and when translated into English means bank or embankment. However, this meaning doesn’t really have anything to do with cards.The Queen of Clubs is used in a standard 52 card deck and also appears in decks which have 56 cards as well. There are many mystical stories about both the card and the queen and the clubs. One such legend suggests that the card represents indecision about love and friendship. Another one is that it means someone new is entering your life soon.The Queen of Clubs has many historical stories. Rod Schubert, a Barossan artist once described the card as ‘the gambler’s card’ - that rings true. It is a great card to have in blackjack as any ace on top of it would give the player a blackjack. Even adding another picture card to it would give the player a strong chance of winning a hand.In poker, it is one fifth of a royal flush or four more clubs can be put alongside it to make a pretty strong flush even if you don’t have the Ace of Clubs or the King of Clubs. It is also a pretty significant card in any straight that is made around it, while another queen on top of it would make for a very competitive pair to play with.