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Arcade Casino

What is an 'Arcade Casino'?

An arcade casino is a specific type of casino featuring automatic, electronic games that do not require staff cover. They are also known as slot halls and automat halls. Arcade casinos can vary wildly from establishment to establishment in their design and operation - some are open 24 hours a day, some have a small number of staff to help customers, and others even offer restaurants, drinks and snacks. Many may not be staffed at all, or open at specific times. They are found all over the world where gambling is legal and often differ in the type of games offered from country to country.

'Arcade Casinos' explained

While most casinos will have arcade machines, an arcade casino is a casino which is specifically devoted to them and does not feature games which require operators. These are usually classic, older casino games such as poker, roulette, blackjack and craps - however, electronic versions of these games, such as video poker, are usually offered.Arcade casinos are less expensive to operate as they require fewer staff, and electronic machines are generally harder to exploit with advantage gambling, providing a more reliable rate of return for the owner. Arcade casinos also tend to have more relaxed dress codes, do not require players to apply for membership or registration before playing, and generally offer a more casual service compared to more traditional casinos.The size and operation of arcade casinos can differ greatly - ranging from 24 hour, unstaffed slot halls to fully established casinos with a bar and restaurant. In general though, arcade casinos tend to be cheaper and more casual options for gamblers, with no entry fee required and a more relaxed atmosphere inside. Many regional variants exist on arcade casinos - for example, in Japanese Pachinko halls.