What is an ‘App’?

‘App’ is short for ‘application’, and it refers to a piece of software for a computer, mobile or other electronic device. In gambling, an ‘app’ usually refers to an online or physical casino’s mobile program. This app can either be to help players manage their accounts and payments, to track play and facilitate comps, or to allow access to online casino games which can be played at home or on the go through an internet connection.

‘App’ Explained

Applications, or ‘apps’, have been common in computing for many years. In basic terms, an ‘app’ is a program which operates on a computer or a mobile device. Since the growth of smartphone usage and the rise of tablet devices, apps have become increasingly popular and an estimated 30 million apps are downloaded each day.

In the gambling world, these apps are often used to facilitate play or to enhance the service offered by a casino venue. In this sense, the apps are usually mobile-based and are compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices. They can be downloaded from the mobile store, usually for free. Once opened and set up, the app can be used to access a personal account and to use different services within that app.

The most common use of apps in gaming is for online casinos who want to offer mobile play. Instead of using a web browser, players can access the games through the downloaded software. The app will take payments and handle any payouts due to the player, and will usually have a selection of games available. These might include slots, bingo, sports betting or video poker – the list is very extensive! Apps are sometimes used by physical casino premises in order to give players better service. The app might allow for the trading in of loyalty points, help visitors book hotel rooms at the casino, or simply track play to ensure the correct comps level is awarded.