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Any To Come (ATC)

What is 'Any To Come'?

Any to come or (ATC) is a term used to describe a multi-stage bet wherein a pre-determined portion of the returns from one wager are subsequently re-invested into another selection.

'Any To Come' Explained

Sometimes referred to as a 'conditional bet' or, in colloquial speech, an 'in cash bet' the ATC bet is not generally provided in ante-post betting markets and works via a chain of linked events. This type of betting is most common in horse racing, but can also be seen around football selections. One variation is known as 'stakes on' meaning the first wager is re-invested as agreed. Whatever term is used, the appeal of ATC bets lies in their flexibility and the chance to feel a greater thrill as the sequence continues.There are a number of different types of ATC bets, divided by the number of selections and separate wagers that will be involved. One of these is the up and down bet, in which two bets are linked and if the first wins a given stake will be wagered on the second selection - this means that if both selections return in your favor you will walk away with twice the winnings for two stake units. If one selection wins, you are guaranteed a return in this scenario. Other ATC bets include:
  • The round robin bet – a wager on three selections that total ten separate bets at pre-determined stakes, here your win in just a single selection guarantees you a return in this type of bet.
  • The flag bet – a wager on four selections that comprises 23 bets.
  • The super flag bet – a wager on five selections that accommodates 46 separate bets.
  • The rounder bet – a wager on three selections that consists of three singles and three ATC doubles.
  • The roundabout bet – the same as a rounder, but the ATC doubles involve betting twice the original stake on the second leg, if the first leg returns in your favor.