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Any 7 Bet

What is an Any 7 Bet?

Any 7 bet is a single-roll craps bet which wins if the next number rolled is a 7. As the name suggests, the bet pays if seven is made in any combination - i.e., 1-6, 2-5 or 3-4. Seven is the most common number that can be rolled at the craps table, and an Any Seven bet usually pays out at 4 to 1. In some casinos and gambling groups, the Any 7 bet is called the 'Big Red' bet.

Any 7 Bet Explained

In craps, players can bet in a number of different ways. They can bet on how the shooter (the person whose turn it is to roll the dice) will perform during their series of rolls, with bets that stay active during that whole turn. They can also make single bets on individual numbers, which pay out only when the dice turn up that number and are otherwise lost. The 'Any 7' bet is one of these single-roll wagers.The Any 7 or 'Any Seven' bet is also sometimes called the 'Big Red', and it might be represented by a red stripe on the craps grid. In some casinos, the Any 7 bet sits under the hardway bets and above the horn bets - the 2, 3, 11 and 12 single bets. Players do not serve their own bets, but need to call their intentions to the stickman or dealer.To win an Any Seven bet, the next roll of the dice should come up with a total of seven - made with any combination of two dice. For the player, this will result in a 4:1 payout. However, if a seven occurs in the shooter's second phase of the game, while they are trying to 'make their point' and roll a certain number, then their turn ends and a new player takes over the dice.