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Ante Up

What is Ante Up?

'Ante Up' is a poker term. It describes the placing of an initial stake into a poker pot in order to receive cards and enter active play. The bet itself is the 'ante', and it replaces the big and small blinds required in some forms of poker. The term could also refer to a player making a wager on video poker in order to receive cards and chance their luck on a win.

Ante Up explained

In poker, many games require players to place a wager upfront before play can begin. All those who wish to take part in the round must pay this small ante, which makes up the initial pot. After this, bets made during each round build upon the starting ante pot. Ante bets appear in different forms of stud, draw and community poker, with rules varying between each kind of game.A player is said to ante up when they place their stake. The informal term is extremely common in poker. It simply means to lay a bet down with the intention of being dealt a hand and taking part in the game. Games which require an ante differ from games with big and small blinds. Blind poker pots are made by just a few of the players each round, and the requirement to pay passes around the table. In ante games, every player must ante up before each round.The money gathered from the ante ensures there is something at stake right from the first round. The casino's rake or fee might also be withdrawn from this original ante. All players ante up at the same value, and there is no raising or betting made at this stage of the game. Once everyone involved has made their ante, the cards can be dealt out and the first round can begin.