What is ‘Android’?

‘Android’ refers to an operating system that is affiliated with a brand of devices of the same name. Google developed ‘Android’ as a way of rolling out their own operating system to rival Apple’s iOS operating system.

‘Android’ Explained

Launched in 2007, the word ‘Android’ describes a brand of computerised (and mainly touchscreen) devices, as well as the operating system that is installed on them. ‘Android’ is particularly popular among companies that need an operating system that is customizable. However, the operating system quickly seeped into popularity among regular users.

Developed by Google, ‘Android’ is a name associated with everything from mobile phones, tablets, and watches, to screens, consoles, apps, and games. It is said that Google’s Play Store has exceeded 2.7 million apps that are available for users to download and use or play.

Because ‘Android’ is such a well known brand across mobile phones, apps, and consoles, many online casino websites and betting pages now market and release their selection of online casino games on all ‘Android’ devices.

Their touchscreen facilities and interactive nature make ‘Android’ devices ideal for participating in games such as online Blackjack and bingo games, in which the need for other players is fulfilled by their inbuilt connectivity features. These types of games are housed in the Google Play Store, a feature of ‘Android’ devices that allows the player to browse and purchase their own apps and games for play on their phone, tablet, or console. It is here that online casino developers and betting websites release their games.

These devices – as well as those of other similar brands – allow users and players to achieve almost everything at the touch of button. For this reason, land-based casinos now seem to be splitting their clientele with online gambling sites, the players of which can simply pick up their phones and bet in almost the very same way from their own homes.