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Affiliate Program

What is an 'Affiliate Program'?

An Affiliate Program is a system offered by many bookmakers and online casinos for profit-sharing. Usually, someone will register as an affiliate and be provided with a link to register at the bookmaker or casino. For every user that the affiliate can encourage to sign up through the link, they will receive money. This can be in the form of a flat fee for each registration, a share of their losses, or sometimes both.

'Affiliate Program' explained

A large majority of online bookmakers and casinos offer affiliate programs, and they are usually easy to register for. Once signed up, the affiliate will then receive a link to the registration page, which will record any users that sign up and determine the payout to the affiliate. Depending on the bookmaker or casino, this can take many forms - it can depend on how much money the user deposits, how much money they lose, or can simply be a flat fee.Although anyone is eligible to sign up as an affiliate and it can be a good way to get some extra money even for individuals just passing the link on to a few friends, it can be highly profitable for people with large audiences, such as those who have a big following on social media or popular websites, particularly if they are related to gambling.Many websites that offer sports betting tips and news will be signed up to one or more affiliate programs to earn money - although there is no downside for those who sign up. In fact, larger affiliates can often be given specific deals to entice players to register unique to their own link, so it can even be advantageous for players to sign up through an affiliate.