What is an ‘Affiliate’?

An Affiliate is a person or organisation registered to a bookmaker or casino‘s affiliate program. The affiliate is able to earn money by encouraging people to register with a particular betting or casino website and thus has an interest in directing people towards the registration page through their own unique link. The payment can come in various forms – it can be a share of the registered players’ losses, or it can simply be a flat fee for each new depositer. Many betting tipsters on websites and social media, as well as other sites, are affiliates with bookmakers and casinos. Affiliates can also operate on a much smaller level, for example someone just passing on their link to a handful of friends.

‘Affiliate’ explained

An affiliate will receive a unique link from a bookmaker or casino which tracks all registrations that sign up through the link. These will then be recorded to determine the payout to the affiliate, depending on whether the payment system is a percentage of the players’ losses or a flat fee per new player. The affiliate will encourage people to register for the bookmaker through their website, social media feed, or directly. Sometimes, affiliates are granted specific bonuses unique to them, that they can use to entice new players in.

Although the affiliate usually profits from the losses of the people he encourages to register, there is no drawback for the players who sign up through the link compared to if they had simply signed up directly with the bookmaker without the affiliate. In fact, sometimes it can be advantageous to register with an affiliate if they are also offering higher than usual bonuses than the regular bookmaker or casino website.