Advantage Gambling

What is ‘Advantage Gambling’?

Advantage gambling is any legitimate and legal system of betting in a game whereby the player gives himself an advantage over the house or other players. While Advantage gambling is not cheating and does not involve breaking any rules, it can be frowned upon by some casinos, with players sometimes risking bans. Card Counting in Blackjack is a well-known method of Advantage gambling, where the player significantly increases his likelihood of winning. There are many other examples of Advantage gambling in many different types of games.

‘Advantage Gambling’ explained

Advantage gambling is simply any player using his knowledge or skill at a game to play in such a way that he/she increases their advantage against the house or other players without breaking any of the rules. Whilst all players will obviously try to play as optimally as possible, the term ‘Advantage gambling’ is usually used for specific strategies, such as card-counting in Blackjack and hole carding or shuffle tracking. However, it can be used more generally for all of the complex strategies that exist in games such as poker.

Advantage gambling is not restricted to the casino, either – it also comes into play for sports betting, where strategies such as matched betting, to take advantage of free bets offered by bookmakers, can even give a guaranteed profit to the bettor. It can also be used at betting exchanges where bets are traded rather than fully backed until the conclusion of the event.

In short, Advantage gambling is a broad term for all of the ways that gamblers seek to increase the probability of making money with a favorable outcome in their bet. These can vary wildly from game to game, and some strategies might even make gamblers unwelcome in some casinos. In extreme cases, staff may ask gamblers to leave or may ban them entirely.