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Active Bet

What is an 'Active Bet'?

An Active Bet is a working bet that is 'in play' or 'live' in a craps game. Bets on the board may not be in play, therefore they are not working bets.

'Active Bet' Explained

In Craps, there are several different types of bets. Pass line and come bets are always turned on, meaning the chips associated with the bet are active. Other types of bets may or may not be working, depending on whether a point has been established or not, or it is the player's choice.At any time while playing craps, you may want to take a bet, or several bets out of play, allowing those bets to remain on the board without an active bet, thanks to the dealerplacing an 'off' button on those particular bets you requested to be taken out of play.For example, if you decide not to wager a bet, but you wish to keep the chips on a certain number, you may request that the bet be 'turned off.' The chips remain on the table, however you cannot win or lose from bets which are turned off.The opposite is also true. Without an established point, Place and buy wagers are typically turned off, however, you may still wish to wager chips. In this case, you would request the bet be 'turned on' and the dealer will place an 'on' button on those chips.Another good example uses the Hardway Bet as an example. A hardway bet can be removed, or turned off, whenever you wish. Before the come-out roll starting a new game, you often see players turn their Hardway bet off.If a shooter makes a point and the game ends, because the Hardway bets are side bets which have nothing to do with the outcome of the game itself, they remain on the board because they are still active bets.In the come-out roll, most players bet the Pass Line, in which a 7 or 11 is a winning roll. However, it is a loser for the Hardway bet, which essentially puts a player in a difficult position, because they win one way and lose the other way.Because of this, most casinos will automatically turn off all Hardway bets just for the come-out roll of a new game. Because they are automatically turned off at that time, the Stickman will not place 'Off' buttons on any Hardway bets.So you should always make it a point to find out the casino's policy on this, because it is ultimately up to you to decide whether or not you want your Hardway bet turned on or off.