Acey Uppey

What is ‘Acey Uppey’?

Acey Uppy (sometimes written as ‘Acey Uppey’) is a variant of the term ‘aces up‘. It means a hand which contains two pair, and one of those pairs is aces. To be ‘aces up’ means to have the best possible pair and another. It might also be heard as ‘aces over’, meaning to hold a pair of aces and to improve upon it with an additional pair. It means that the aces are the top of the hand currently being played, indicating that a lower pair is also present in the hand.

‘Acey Uppey’ Explained

When a poker player says they are ‘acey-uppy’ or they have ‘aces up’, they mean that they hold a pair of aces in their hand, along with an additional pair. The phrase implies that not only does the player have a pair of aces, which could result in a win against many other possible hands, but they also have an extra pair to seal the deal.

The aces are higher than the second pair, as no card outranks an ace in almost all forms of poker. Even where lowball rules are being played, the ace ranks before the two and ‘acey uppy’ is still a strong hand to hold.

A player can be ‘aces up’ through their own cards, a combination of face-up and face-down cards, or through their hand plus the shared community board. The ‘acey uppy’ describes a two pair. Two pair hands are better than high card and pair hands, but they can be beaten by any three or four of a kind, and also by any straight or flush. Having a set of aces in the two pair hand greatly increases its chance of success against the others at the table.