Aces Poker

What is Aces Poker?

(Ultimate) Aces Poker is the name given to type of video poker, found both at online casinos and in some land-based casinos, most notably in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Aces Poker Explained

(Ultimate) ‘Aces Poker’ is a video poker game that can be found in both land-based venues and on dedicated poker websites. Gameplay dictates that, if the person playing receives an ace on the deal, they will then be rewarded with a multiplier. This means that the more aces the player gets, the bigger is the median multiplier. Each of these ace/multipliers combinations has a value assigned to them, and this will be applied to the final credit the player holds upon collecting their winnings, therefore maximising their potential earnings.

Because this is so favourable for the player, it does, however, mean that they have to pay slightly more to trigger the feature; they have to double their wager when wins depend on half of the entire bet.

The rules, however, remain largely the same as they are for regular video poker of the triple-play variety. The only differences in these rules are as follows:

For the player to activate the above-mentioned multiplier feature of the game, they must bet five coins on all the three lines, as well as pay 15 extra coins to make the feature available to them. This is non-refundable, meaning that the amount won depends on half of the total bet.

The other rule variation is that, should the bettor receive an ace during the deal, each hand that follows as part of the draw will be supplemented with a multiplier (which could be anything from 2 to 10). As mentioned above, the more aces the player holds, the larger the mean multiplier is. A point worth noting is that the player does not necessarily need to keep hold of the aces in order to retain their associated multipliers.

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