Ace In The Hole

What is Ace In The Hole?

An ace in the hole is an ace of any suit which is dealt face-down to the player during a stud poker game. It sometimes appears in other forms of poker to refer to any hidden ace. The ace in poker is usually the game’s highest card, and even a single ace can win a round, so having an ‘ace in the hole’ is seen as a major advantage to the player.

‘Ace In The Hole’ Explained

In stud poker, players receive a series of cards (usually five or seven) from the dealer. Some of these cards are face-up and visible to the table, while others are face-down and hidden. Only the player knows the value of these hidden cards, or ‘hole cards‘. In stud games played against a dealer, such as Caribbean stud, the player(s) and the dealer have hole cards and open cards to play.

When a player says they have an ‘ace in the hole’, they mean that one of their hidden cards is an ace. This could refer to any suit. A player could also say they have ‘aces in the hole’ or ‘pocket aces‘, meaning that both of their hidden cards are aces. In most forms of poker, the ace is the highest card in the game and beats even a king. Holding one or more aces at the start of the game gives the player a distinct advantage – especially if they can find one or more aces during the later rounds.

Players might also use the term in other forms of poker, such as draw and hold’em poker, to describe any ace in their hand which the other players are unaware of, and which could help to build the strongest hand at the table. In wider use, an ‘ace in the hole’ describes any situation where the player has a hidden advantage: for example, a player with a solid betting strategy could be said to hold ‘an ace in the hole’.

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