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What is Sports Betting? Sports betting is the umbrella term used for the betting action involved with the prediction of a sporting event and placing a wager on the outcome of that event in order to win money. As one of the most popular forms of gambling in the world, sports betting typically involves wagers […]

What Does it mean to Gamble Online? This internet-based form of gambling that has become extremely popular with players on an international level for many reasons. Players using their desktop or laptop computers, and any number of hand-held mobile devices, combined with an internet connection to gambling online, can play a wide range of casino […]

What is Gambling? Gambling is what a person does when wagering money, or something else of value, on the prediction of an event where the outcome is uncertain. The primary intent for gambling is to win money and/or prizes. The three elements of gambling are thought, possibility, and interest. Gambling involves taking a chance on […]

What is Texas Hold ‘Em? Texas Hold ‘Em is a popular variation of Poker, where you are dealt 2 ‘hole’ cards, and 5 community cards are dealt in the center of the table. Texas Hold ‘Em is the most popular of all poker variations. Internationally famous tournaments like the World Series of Poker play this […]

What are ‘Expanding Wilds’? Expanding Wilds is a special feature in many multi-payline video slot machines. They function similar to a regular wild symbol by substituting other symbols on the reels to form winning combinations, however, instead of remaining stationary on the reel, the Expanding Wild symbol becomes animated to expand vertically or horizontally, depending […]

What are Bonus Codes? Bonus Codes are strings of text that may be a random combination of both letters and numbers, and even symbols. It can also be a specific word or phrase. In the world of casinos bonus codes are redeemable for a variety of different types of bonuses; some can be redeemed for […]

What is a ‘Casino’? A casino is a business establishment that is equipped with various gambling devices and other games of chance that can be played for money. Aside from accommodating gambling and other gaming activities, a casino incorporates other entertainment elements as a service to their guests. This includes live concerts and other forms […]


What is a ‘Bet’? A bet is the word used to describe an amount of money placed on the outcome of an unpredictable event, such as a sports match or political elections. A bet is also often referred to by its more formal name of a “wager”. The term “betting” can also refer to someone […]

What is ‘Aggregate Limit’ Aggregate Limit refers to the maximum payout clause a casino has in any one game. If a casino has an Aggregate Limit of $62,000 on a particular game, and you stake $125 on odds of 1000-1, you should – in theory – receive £$124,000 but seeing is that is twice as […]

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