Best Social Casinos

Guide to Social Casino Sites

Social casinos offer players rapid-fire, free play casino action combined with the best elements of social media. But which one do you choose? .
Because social casinos are free to play and often linked to sites like Facebook there’s a few things you need to think about before getting started. Here’s our guide to very best social casinos you can play at today.

Our Top Social Casinos in 2018

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Social Casino Basics

Social Casinos are a relatively new form of online casinos. Where online casinos evolved from traditional bricks and mortar casinos, replacing the slot machines and tables with virtual slots and games, social casinos have taken the same technology but moved in a new direction. Social casinos (also known as free to play casinos) still use virtual online slots, but users don’t gamble for money- they play the games purely for fun and competition.

The social aspect of these sites stems from the fact that many are bound into social media platforms like Facebook, plus the fact that they focus on casual play- no real money gambling, just fun gaming to pass the time. This makes them very suitable for those who enjoy slots and similar animated games, but don’t want to spend money. Some opponents to these sites feel that they encourage gambling among those who wouldn’t otherwise play, but ultimately, they are about casual, no-risk casino fun.

There is a small window for real money gambling on social media (dependant on regional laws), which can fall into the social casinos category, but this is always clearly marked and operates in a similar fashion to a standard online casino. Social casinos of the free to play variety feel quite different, without the usual focus on promotions and bonuses.

Where To Play Social Casinos

Finding a social casino can be confusing for those who are used to typical online casinos. Players can usually find them through searching Facebook, otherwise looking for the term on Google is the best bet. The main difference when finding your next social casino, compared to the usual online casino process, is that welcome bonuses are no longer a driving factor.

Many players choose an online casino because it offers to double their deposit or give free spins, but this kind of bonus doesn’t apply to sites where you don’t deposit real money. Instead, players can focus much more on the game selection available, the general accessibility of the site and occasional promotions or competitions. Though these sites don’t use real money, they may offer prizes as part of a giveaway, like any site might.

Top Three Social Casinos

Caesars Games is an offshoot of the world-famous Caesars Casino brand, so players who want something more established may want to check this social casino out. The site has fun Caesars theming but still uses free games and a casual approach. This site has a useful tutorial to get players started, plus a great set of animations and music. The games include original and exclusive slots like Cleopatra’s Quest, Spin Dragons and Leprechaun Riches, plus an official Pink Panther game. All the usual themes are represented but note that many games are locked at first – part of the experience here is playing games to earn more games, also called ‘gamification’. The site also boasts a full suite of mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows and Amazon.

Slotomania is one of the top social casinos of the moment. Players can sign up directly here, or use Facebook to log in. A nice touch of Slotomania is that players can choose between HD and non-HD graphics, which makes the site more suitable for older and less powerful devices- staying true to the casual approach of social casinos. This site offers original games like Dragon Lore, Magic Trixie, Return to Wonderland, Go Bingo and Kiss of the Vampire; definitely a bit of everything. There’s a loyalty programme with this site called Playtika rewards, which earn players more coins and gifts to play with as time goes on.

Big Fish Casino is part of the well-known Big Fish Games site, which provides various free and paid casual video games. The casino area has a very simple setup with a limited game selection, but all of them original and interesting. Sherlock Manor stands out with classic characters, with animations and even speech bubbles during play. Jackpot City is a more standard slot game in terms of theme but with plenty of bells and whistles. The site even gets licensed games like an official Baywatch title, based on the recent reboot. A host of original table games lends some attraction to this site too, plus there’s plenty of social features for getting to know other players

Social Casino, the Pros and Cons

Social casinos are easiest to understand in comparison to traditional online casinos. They have a few pros and cons in comparison and for that reason may appeal to players or not, but they certainly do attract more and more people as time goes on. For many, the casual, harmless approach is what really sells these sites. They don’t carry the usual risks or problems of gambling- but of course, they don’t offer the same rewards

Social Casino Pros

→ Play socially! The whole idea is to play with your friends, or to make new friends through playing. Not that many real money sites offer this, though they are out there. Social casinos tend to have chat or at least make gameplay easier to share to Facebook, with each epic win. A little friendly competition never hurt!

→ Free to play. These sites are free, so it’s a pastime that won’t cost an arm and leg each time you want to have some fun. Many traditional gamblers will hop over to a social casino once their funds run out, to keep playing.

→ Hone your skills. Due to the free play nature, these sites are ideal for practising games that have an element of skill or memory, such as blackjack and poker. Learn the rules in your own time, with no expenditure.

→ Play anywhere. These sites are very simple and designed to work in a basic browser, or on a mobile device, with only a simple login required. You don’t have to verify yourself or download software.

Social Casino Cons

→ Social casinos tend to stick with more simple games, meaning you won’t get as many as at other online casinos and sites.

→No real money. Of course, while these sites are free to play, you lose out on the chance to win real money prizes. When you land a 100,000,000 point jackpot, you may wish you were playing with cash!

Social Casino Glossary

These are just a few terms that will come up while playing social casinos:
Some social sites assign an avatar to each player- this is a small icon representing you, which may be an image or a cartoon (some use your Facebook picture). Your avatar is what other players see if you interact in chat.
Some casinos offer a birthday bonus as a loyalty reward. Social casinos may do this with their in-house currency.
Also known as a bonus round, a feature on a slot game can be anything from free spins to a whole animated sideshow, which interrupts play and offers big wins.
Games that are designed to be simple, easy to play and relaxing. These are often more cartoony and light-hearted. Free to play games are always a little more casual than those that risk real money.
Some social casinos have chat features, meaning that players can talk to each other in a chat room environment while playing. Others simply encourage you to chat in Facebook or other platforms while playing.
Many social casinos play for points or credits, essentially meaning that you use an in-house currency instead of real money- this is just ‘fun’ or ‘play’ money. The credits just exist to help you track your wins and current balance. Sometimes they can be bought with real cash, to give you more to play with, or they can be traded for rewards.
This term refers to games which are free to play but also have the option to spend real money on additional content or to speed up the play process.
Also called F2P. Games which cost you nothing to play, often associated with mobile gaming, but also social casinos and some online video games.
Many slots allow you to win free spins, which are played at the last stake size you used, where applicable.
This is when other non-game elements of a site’s experience are given a game-like quality, such as collecting ‘experience’ points through playing the games, in order to access more games or Avatar items.
Many online casinos allow players to earn rewards through repeat play. Spcial casinos rarely offer cash rewards, but may reward continued play through access to more games, or special items to use on the site.
Read more about Loyalty Scheme.
This term tends to refer to all casino offers, from welcome bonuses to special events and competitions.
A code number or word which is entered like a voucher, for bonus money. Social casinos rarely use these but may offer promotions for other on-site benefits.
When you first join an online casino, there will be a registration process where you submit your name, email and more. This is often done through Facebook for social sites, to save time.
An online casino which focuses on casual play, where the games are free, so players do not risk real money but also cannot win real money.
Any kind of site or app that connects people, with the most famous being Facebook and Twitter. Many social casinos use Facebook as a login system.
This refers to casino games played on a table, as opposed to a slot machine- games like roulette, blackjack, baccarat and poker.
Like all big businesses, online casinos must have lists of rules and regulations that dictate exactly how the site works. Always read these to ensure you haven’t missed important details.
Placing a bet on the outcome of a game of chance. Wagering at social casinos only refers to risking play or fun money, i.e. credits or points.
A promotion which gives you bonus credit, depending on how much you deposit, when you join a traditional online casino. These rarely apply to social casinos.