Quick Payouts

Your No-Nonsense Guide to Online Casino Quick Payouts

Let’s face it, you play an online casino to win. And when you win, you want to get at your money as soon as possible. But some online casinos pay up quicker than others.
You need an online casino that allows you to withdraw money quickly and with no fuss. Our guide will give you all you need to know.

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Payout Basics

There are several things worth checking out when you first join a casino, aside from the very obvious matter of withdrawal waiting times.

After all, these times are usually a range and not always set in stone. Payment methods are the first port of call, as withdrawal times vary a lot between the major types of method. These vary from credit and debit cards to e-wallets and exotic methods like Bitcoin.


Faster and Slower Payouts

The simple fact is that different methods are faster and slower than others, by quite a significant amount. Choosing the right method will make withdrawals a lot faster, though you still have to tangle with the internal mechanisms of the casino itself.

The best sites will actually list their withdrawal policy in black and white, which is very helpful. This may be found on a ‘banking’ page, or check the FAQs and support area for mention of withdrawal and payment rules. If nothing else, it should tell you exactly what methods are on offer.

Credit cards

3-5 Days

These are the standard methods for the vast majority of sites. Some even expect you to use a card before allowing other methods later. Setting up a card payment is very simple, but could be more streamlined. The downside is that this method is slow for withdrawals. The industry standard hangs around the 3-5 working day mark, but some ask for 8, or 10 working days. This is largely due to the way that banks work.


Less than an hour

This is the ideal method for anyone who wants to cut down withdrawal times. Services like PayPal, Neteller and Skrill are the most commonly seen, though this can depend on the country. E-wallets are faster to register, since they only require you to enter an email address. Withdrawal times for e-wallets are typically around 1 minute to an hour, essentially instant compared to credit cards. PayPal is seen less than Neteller and Skrill (once Moneybookers), but all three are large and trusted platforms.


The rise of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have added another payout option to a players’ armoury. Bitcoin is a cutting-edge service that outstrips e-wallets, but isn’t accepted by that many sites yet. Bank transfer services are also very rapid, though this can depend on the service.

Payout Rules

The rules for withdrawing and depositing both vary from one casino to the next. Speed is not the only factor affected and that itself can vary a great deal just based on the internal processes of a casino.

Firstly, withdrawals are affected by wagering requirements. It’s no good having a super-fast waiting time if you can’t even withdraw to start with. These requirements are put in place after accepting a bonus and must be met before any cash can be withdrawn. Secondly, many sites have a strict minimum withdrawal amount. It’s worth checking this out before joining a site, as a £30 minimum can make life a bit hard.

Bear in mind that casinos will have an internal processing time, before the timeframe of a deposit kicks in. For example, an e-wallet may be instant, but the site may still ask for one or two working days ‘processing’ time.

If they decide that you need to verify your account, this will be even longer. Sites may ask for proof of identity from a driver’s license to a utility bill, as part of standard checks to stop money laundering and identity theft.

Payout Support

Following this, customer support is really worth checking out. When things go wrong, or even if a withdrawal is just taking slightly longer than usual, then you need a good support team. Even the best casinos for payouts will let you down if the team aren’t helpful when needed.

Ideally, players should use sites with live chat services. Not only are they instant, but being able to write out an issue in a text box can be easier than describing it over the phone, for many users.

Reputation is also important, which can be checked with a quick search online. A site which has a good reputation will avoid unwanted downloads, use reliable technology and clear advertising. These issues can lose you money or simply tangle up your time and patience.

You can also check that a site has a license to operate, which will usually be at the footer of the home page. Look out for good security too, protecting your transactions, plus approval from groups like eCOGRA that ensure fairness. These elements are all investigated when a site is reviewed here on our listings.


Advanced Tips

E-wallet services are always a lot faster than credit card withdrawals
Site withdrawal times may not include their internal processing time
Withdrawals are also affected by minimum amounts
Some payment methods may incur fees at withdrawal
These are just a few terms that crop up around the withdrawal process at casinos:
The amount of money a player sets aside for gambling with.
The original cryptocurrency, a purely electronic way to pay and receive money.
A gift of credit or free spins offered by a casino, but balanced out by wagering requirements.
A term for the payment section of a casino, for deposits and withdrawals.
Another term for withdrawing cash from a site.
A process of converting one currency into another (e.g. USD to EUR). If your bank account or e-wallet are in one currency and your casino account is in a different one, the conversion will usually take place automatically.
The support offered to players to support them in their casino play, including answering questions, offering perks or bonuses and solving problems
A process of transferring money from your bank account or e-wallet to your online casino account so you could play casino slots and other games for real money.
An online security process that makes it extremely hard for anyone to read a player’s payment details.
Services like PayPal for paying and receiving money electronically, linked to a card or bank account.
Complimentary bets on a slot machine, usually part of a welcome bonus or special offer.
A license issued by an authoritative body allowing a particular gambling site to offer games of chance, after confirming they act in accordance with the rules.
The gambling regulator for the United Kingdom.
A customer support system where the customer can talk to a support member directly with text.
Many casinos have a minimum amount for deposit and withdrawal, which can depend on payment method.
A group term for the different ways of paying at a casino; debit card, credit card, e-wallet and so on.
Another term for a withdrawal from a casino, or can be the amount an individual game pays for a win.
This term can apply to multiple things, but typically refers to the balance of credit you have at a casino.
A special offer that gives a player bonus credit based on how much they deposit the first time.
A payment method that transfers money directly to a casino from your bank, or from your bank to a casino.
A minimum amount that a player’s credit must be gambled, before they can withdraw winnings.