Guide to using Pay n Play for Casinos

People often lose interest in registering for a casino halfway through the process. Although pretty straightforward, many just don’t like the idea of depositing money on a new casino. This is where Trustly comes in with their latest product called Pay n Play. It allows people to play their favourite online casino games with one quick deposit from the online bank of their choice.

Pay n Play for Casinos: How it Works

Pay n Play is a technology which essentially combines deposits with a registration process. This will speed up the sign-up procedures and make it easier for the players to deposit money. You don’t have to create a Trustly account to use this feature. Instead of being a payment method, this is offered as a feature by casino operators all over the web. In other words, you can play games on casinos straight from your bank account – and this by itself is pretty revolutionary.

Which Online Casinos Accept Pay n Play?

Trustly is present all over the web, but not all casinos are ready to accept such an innovative payment method that Pay n Play represents. Therefore, you will have to search a lot before you stumble upon one such casino. We decided to make your life a bit easier, and we found one casino that currently works very well with this technology – Rolla Casino.

What you need to know is that casinos which use Pay n Play experience 44% more deposits on average. This tells us that many casinos are slowly becoming open to this idea of direct bank account gambling, and some of the biggest names in the industry are considering introducing the Pay n Play technology.

Pay n Play for Casinos: Payment and Withdrawal Process

The payment and withdrawal process is here pretty much automatized. When you register with Pay n Play on a casino (in most cases you don’t even have to register), all payments are instant, and you don’t have to worry about things such as delays. Everything is going directly to and from your bank account. All you have to do is start playing your favourite game and enjoy.


The transfers are pretty quick with this method, although they do not exist in a traditional sense. The casino does not offer a dedicated wallet – they provide the games as a service. For example, if you choose to play your favourite slot game on a casino that supports Pay n Play, you will pay for spins directly from your bank account, and if you manage to win money it will go straight back, with no interference from the casino).

Safety & Security when using a Pay n Play for Casinos

As Pay n Play is a product by Trustly, it features all the security measures that this payment option includes. First of all, Trustly is supervised by the Swedish Supervisory Authority and also features SSL encryption as a standard protection protocol. All of their transactions are safe, and your info is secured.

  • No middlemen & play straight from your bank account
  • Quick transactions
  • Safe and secure
  • Regulated by Swedish Financial Authority
  • Not available on many casinos
  • Restricted in certain countries
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Just like Trustly, Pay n Play has exceptional customer care which does not only consist of a friendly and helpful team but also of an excellent FAQ page where you can find solutions to the issues at hand. However, the only way to contact customer support at the moment is via the contact form on the Trustly site.

The payouts via this method are instant as no middlemen are present. Casino only provides games and has nothing to do with deposits and withdrawals.

No need to open an account if you choose to use Pay n Play. Just select your favourite game and enjoy.

Pay n Play currently supports all currencies that Trustly supports.

If you are not a fan of this method, you should consider using Trustly or BankID or some more traditional ones such as debit cards, credit cards, or even e-wallets such as PayPal or Neteller.

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