Guide to using Ozan for Casinos

Ozan is a new payment method that has managed to gain thousands of users in just a couple of years. Apart from instant transactions and high security, it also offers an excellent mobile app that makes it stand out from all other similar methods. In other words, it really comes in handy for people who like to play mobile slots and other mobile casino games. Let’s check it out!

Ozan for Casinos: How it Works

To be able to use Ozan’s service, you should go to their website – and register by filling in the form and providing all the necessary information. They have a fast verification system, and this process should not take long. They ask for proof of identity, and that would require you to upload your document.

Once everything is through, you can use your PC, tablet, or smartphone to fill in your Ozan account with funds. You can then use the funds and deposit them on an online casino in order to enjoy your favourite games.

Which Online Casinos Accept Ozan?

Ozan is relatively new, and there are not many online casinos that implemented this payment method. However, this is bound to happen in the future as Ozan has enormous potential due to its revolutionary technology that makes mobile casinos easy to use.

Ozan for Casinos: Payment and Withdrawal Process

The process of depositing and withdrawing with Ozan is pretty similar to that of every other e-wallet on the web. If you know how to deposit and withdraw with PayPal, this should not present a problem to you.

You can also send money to friends and deposit it for various services by going to the app and clicking the “Send Money” option. Enter the amount that you want to send and write a note below it. The app will take you to the next screen where you should enter the number or the email of the recipient.

You also need to approve withdrawn money via the app. If you withdraw your funds from a casino to Ozan, you should click on the transaction in the app and choose whether to accept it or decline it. If it is a different currency


The transfers are instant and can go both ways. If a change of currency takes place, it will not further hold up on the transfer process. However, you need to connect Ozan to your bank account, and when you choose to withdraw money to your bank, that may take up to five business days before it is successfully processed.

Safety & Security when using a Ozan for Casinos

The only time you need to share info about you is when your register on Ozen. They keep your info and data private with the state-of-the-art protection technology and make your transactions hacker-proof. Furthermore, they never share your financial information with others and use multi-layer encryption to protect your payments. FCA (the Financial Conduct Authority), and the Electronic Money Regulations authorized Ozan Limited in 2011 as a legitimate payment method.

  • Instant deposits and withdrawals
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Currency exchange
  • Not available on many casinos
  • Not available in all countries
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ozan takes pride in their excellent customer support that works around the clock to help users with their issues. You can contact them via the live chat on the Ozan site, or you can send them an email to [email protected].

Payouts are always instant. The only time you have to wait a bit is when you withdraw from a casino to Ozan since casinos sometimes need time to verify payments (it has nothing to do with Ozan). Also, banks also need up to five business days to accept withdrawals from a casino.

Just go to the website and follow the registration process on to become a member of Ozan platform.

You can use the Ozan app to exchange currencies when travelling abroad. Fourteen currencies are supported at the moment – EUR, GBP, USD, TRY, BGN, HRK, CZK, HUF, NOK, PLN, RON, SEK, CHF, and DKK. They plan to extend their offer soon to Bitcoin and gold.

If you want to try services that are similar to Ozan, you can start with other e-wallets such as PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller. Furthermore, you can always try using more “traditional” payment methods such as credit and debit cards.

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