Casino Payment Options

Your No-Nonsense Guide to Casino Payment Options

Having a good range of payment options is one of the most overlooked aspects of online casinos.
But which one should you chose? Our guide will tell you everything you need to know about safe, quick and easy payments at the best online casinos.

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Choosing a good casino is important, but you also need to understand pros and cons of all the different payment methods out there.

Depending on your country of origin, playing preferences, and some other factors, certain payment methods can be more convenient than the others. Some players prefer to use different deposit and withdrawal methods as well, which is all perfectly fine. You just need to understand what all these different methods offer.

Casino Payment Options: Credit & Debit Cards

Various banking cards, be it credit or debit cards, are among the oldest payment methods for goods and services online. Online casinos were fast to start accepting these as one of the first payment methods around.

Credit Cards Pros & Cons

There is no doubt credit and debit cards are one of the most convenient ways to deposit to your online casino account. This is especially true these days when we all have at least couple of them kicking about. You enter a few numbers, some basic info, and you are good to go.

On the flip side, not everyone’s comfortable using bank cards for casino related transactions. Some people simply don’t like the idea of sharing this sensitive information with anyone. Others prefer not to share their gaming habits with their banks or those who have access to their credit card statements.

If you don’t have any issues with the aforementioned, credit and debit cards aren’t the option for players from all countries. Sometimes, local gambling laws are such they don’t allow online gambling transactions. In these cases, players are forced to find an alternative method.

Understanding Different Types of Cards

Not all credit and debit cards are created equal, especially when it comes to online gambling. Some of them work better than the others, and some of them are only available to players from certain parts of the world. Here, we’ll cover all the major types of credit cards, so whatever you happen to carry around in your wallet, you’ll know exactly where you stand.


Visa is probably one of the best-known and most widespread credit cards around. Unless your country explicitly forbids banks from processing online gambling transactions, you should have no problems depositing and withdrawing using Visa.

Visa Electron

The main difference between Visa and Visa Electron is the fact that the latter is a debit, not credit card. This means that you’ll still have no problems depositing to online casinos with Visa Electron, as long as you have enough funds in your account.

When it comes to withdrawals, both Visa and Visa Electron work without any problems, and as long as you play with a trustworthy casinos, you can expect your withdrawals to land within a couple of days.


MasterCard is another very popular card, and it comes as both, a classic credit card and a debit card. As far as online gambling transactions go, depositing will not be an issue in most cases. However, it is impossible to withdraw back to MasterCard, which means you’ll need to have an alternative withdrawal method if you decide to use MasterCard.

American Express

American Express, or AMEX, as it is popularly known, is another credit card that many players have in their wallets. Deposits with American Express will usually go smoothly, but there are fewer casinos accepting AMEX than there are taking Visa and MasterCard.

Where can I play using a credit/debit card?

These days, practically all online casinos accept at least a few leading types of credit cards listed here. If you have Visa or MasterCard, you’ll have no problems finding an online casino. The odds are, if you just randomly select an operator, they’ll likely accept these payment methods. We recommend SpinPalace and Ruby Fortune, as these casinos will also treat you to a nice welcome bonus on your first few deposits.

If you want to use American Express, we suggest you check out Jackpot City Casino, as you should have no problems depositing with AMEX there, and you can expect to enjoy all the new player benefits as well.

Casino Payment Options: Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are another popular and convenient method for funding your online casino account. This method, like most others, comes with certain advantages and a few disadvantages, so it is up to you as a player to decide if prepaid cards are the right way to go for you.

Different prepaid cards you can use at online casinos come with a few significant advantages:

  • They are easy to acquire and load (buy them at convenience stores, gas stations, etc.)
  • Prepaid cards protect your sensitive personal information
  • They give you better control over your gambling expenses

You can use prepaid cards when your bank won’t let you use your credit or debit card
You can decide exactly how much you want to load your card with, and once that amount is gone, you won’t be able to simply deposit more.

You can’t use them to withdraw your winnings. Due to their one-off nature, these cards can’t be used at ATMs. They act more like vouchers you can use to fund your account, but they don’t work both ways. Hence, if you’re planning on depositing using a prepaid card, make sure to have an alternative withdrawal method in case you happen to win.

Different Types of Prepaid Cards

Although there are various types of prepaid cards out there that can be used for different transactions, online casinos only accept a couple of major ones listed here.


Paysafecard is by far the most popular prepaid card accepted by nearly all online casinos. For all intents and purposes, Paysafecard acts as a regular debit card, save for the fact you can’t use it for withdrawals and that it can only be used for as long as the funds you loaded last. Once you spend that amount, you can’t reload the card – you’ll need to buy a new one.

Paysafecard is sold at more than 500,000 outlets around the world. The way it works is that you’ll pay cash in the amount you’d like to load on your card (up to 175 GBP per single card), and will receive a 16-digit PIN. You can then use this PIN at an online casino of your choice to load your account with cash. You don’t have to use it all at once, i.e. you can make a few smaller deposits using the same PIN for as long as you have enough money on the card.


EntroPay is another prepaid card, the perfect solution to funding an online casino account. An EntroPay user can choose between a prepaid online Visa card or Mastercard to make their deposits and withdrawals. This service offers its users to create accounts in several currencies including GBP, USD and EUR, as well as protecting them against online fraud as the cards can be deleted at any time.

Prepaid Visa

For the most part, prepaid Visa cards act like regular Visa debit cards. Unlike Paysafecard, prepaid Visa can be used over and over again. All you need to do is get it loaded with some more funds, and you’ll be good to go.
However, you can’t simply go and buy prepaid Visa at a convenience store. You’ll need to find a bank or another financial institution to issue you the card. It is still a great option for those who like to keep their gambling bankroll and general internet spending separated from their main card(s).
Even though it is similar to a regular Visa, you won’t be able to make withdrawals to prepaid Visa cards, so you’ll still need an alternative method for cashouts.

Where Can I Play Using Prepaid Cards?

As mentioned, nearly all casinos accept Paysafecard, so take your pick. Feel free to try your luck at any of our recommended casinos like 888 Casino or SpinPalace. One thing to pay attention to is what other banking methods they offer, as you’ll need to pick one for your cashouts. Whether it is one of the e-wallets, a bank account, or something else, just be sure there is a method you can use to withdraw to avoid complications down the road.

Casino Payment Options: E-wallets

Electronic wallets, or e-wallets, have become very popular with the online gambling crowd. Reasons for this are many, and if you’ve never used an e-wallet before for your online gambling transactions, this guide may help steer you in the right direction.

Pros & Cons of E-wallets

E-wallets act as intermediaries between your bank/credit card and an online shop or service provider, such as an online casino. This means you load funds to your e-wallet using your card or direct bank transfer and then use those funds to deposit to online casinos. So, e-wallets offer numerous advantages:

  • Keep your financial information safe, as you only need to share them with the e-wallet operator
  • Better control of your funds – you can connect the e-wallet with a special card used only for gaming
  • Speed and reliability – avoid being blocked by the bank and have the funds instantly loaded to your casino account
  • Use one e-wallet for all your gambling and stay safe
  • Low transaction fees for deposits and withdrawals

There are clearly many advantages for using e-wallets instead of credit cards. On top of all this, setting up an account with an e-wallet of your choice is fairly simple and will usually take only a couple of minutes. Once your account is ready, you’ll need to connect it to your card or bank account, which can sometimes take a couple of days, but once you are done, you’ll have an easy method to move your funds around without any further hassle.

Taking about cons, there are hardly any to be found here. If you stick to well-known and reputable e-wallets, you’ll increase your online safety and make things simpler in every way. The only risk is that of someone acquiring access to your account, but even in that case it is usually easy to block them from accessing your funds fairly quickly.

Understanding Different Types of E-wallets

With e-wallets rising in popularity, there have been a number of companies looking to get in the game. We’re bringing you the list of the leading e-wallets out there you can safely use for your online casino transactions.

Skrill (formerly Moneybookers)

Skrill is definitely one of the biggest and safest e-wallets out there. Nearly all online casinos accept Skrill as a deposit and withdrawal method, which means you won’t go wrong if you set up a Skrill account.

The process of signing up is very simple, as you’ll need to provide your basic personal information and your email, after which you’ll be asked to verify your email. Once that’s done, the final step is connecting one of your cards to your Skrill account. This is done by entering your credit card details and Skrill deducting a small, random amount. You’ll need to find the exact amount that was deducted to confirm you are the owner of the card, after which that amount will be added to your account, and you’ll be all good to go.

In the future, whenever you want to deposit with an online casino, simply fund your Skrill with the desired amount and you can then easily move those funds anywhere you like.


Neteller is another old-timer in the world of e-wallets, as they were ones of the first in the market. A few years ago, Neteller merged with Skrill, and these days you can easily move money between your Skrill and Neteller accounts, although the fee for doing so isn’t small.

In general, both Neteller and Skrill have become somewhat less desirable lately, as they’ve enacted rather heavy fees on withdrawals to your bank account or credit/debit card, so people have been looking for alternative e-wallets to take on the leading role these two have had for such a long time.

Of course, both Neteller and Skrill still remain among the safest and most reliable e-wallets around, but the price of doing business with them has gone significantly up.


Although PayPal is one of the oldest e-wallets around, for a long time they were completely opposed to any transactions related to online gambling. Only recently they’ve started to change their policy, and players from certain countries, especially the UK, can now deposit and withdraw using PayPal.

For those who can, PayPal represents an excellent solution, as it provides the ultimate safety of your funds, and it can help you avoid the verification process with the casino, since you already need to fully confirm your identity with PayPal.


Ecopayz is somewhat newer e-wallet, but it is very popular with online casinos, and you’ll find that most operators will give you an option to fund your account using Ecopayz. Setting up an account with this e-wallet is very simple as the entire process only takes a few minutes.

You can load your Ecopayz account via your credit card, local services, or bank transfers, which means that you can have an account even if you don’t have a working credit card to your name. this is a convenient method for some players, as it can help you avoid certain transaction obstacles.

It goes without saying that Ecopayz, like all serious financial companies, pays the utmost attention to the privacy of your sensitive private information and you can rest assured you are in good hands.


MyCitadel provides instant banking solutions to pay for goods and services online. It is also a method accepted by numerous online casinos. MyCitadel Instant Banking has been around since 2000, and it is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority, which means this is another electronic payment solution you can fully trust. Although it is somewhat different than a standard e-wallet, MyCitadel can be a convenient method for funding your online casino account.


eCheck is a great way to issue online payments and make deposits simply and securely. It works similarly as writing a check to the online casino. Since it’s done electronically between the bank and online casino, deposits will be processed instantly. Unlike some other payment methods, deposits via eCheck are not subjected to fees or additional charges.

Where Can I Play using E-wallets?

Nearly all online casinos accept deposits and offer withdrawals via some of the e-wallets. For example, Skrill and Neteller are your best choice because they are accepted by all major casinos, such as 888 Casino, Jackpot City, and many others.

If you want to use one of the other listed methods, you should always first make sure the casino of your choice offers that particular method. For example, ecoPayz is largely accepted by most casinos, while not all online providers offer MyCitadel as an option.

Other Methods to Fund your Online Casino Account

So far, we’ve listed nearly all of the most popular casino banking methods there are. However, if none of these work for you, there are still some other options you can look into.

Casino Payment Options: Other Methods to Fund your Online Casino Account

So far, we’ve listed nearly all of the most popular casino banking methods there are. However, if none of these work for you, there are still some other options you can look into.


By now, most people have at least heard about Bitcoin. For those who haven’t, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, a concept envisioned a few years ago with an idea of creating a decentralized and anonymous payment method the value of which is determined solely by the number of people who choose to use it.
Although it started off really small, Bitcoin has become widely recognized as one of the mainstream payment methods, and more and more online casinos allow their players to make deposits in bitcoins.

To do this, you’ll need a Bitcoin wallet, which is free to create, and you’ll need some bitcoins (naturally). These days, you can buy Bitcoin on several currency exchanges, and you can pay for it using e-wallets or bank transfers, so it shouldn’t be too hard for most people.

Bank Transfers

If you have no credit or debit card and have no access to other payment methods, such as prepaid cards, these days there are options that let you deposit straight from your bank account. The simplest of them all is a direct wire transfer, although these are mostly used for withdrawals, while only some casinos will let you deposit this way.

However, there are a few methods that will let you access your bank account funds and move them online using your online banking credentials.

  • Trustly – this method lets you log in to your bank using your banking credentials and deposit to your casino account. Trustly is available in 29 countries around Europe and represents a great alternative for online casino deposits. You don’t need a separate account to use this method, as Trustly connects directly to your bank account.
  • POLi – for residents of Australia, POLi offers a similar solution like Trustly. It will let you connect straight to a bank account in a number of leading Australian banks and you won’t need to do anything special. Simply select POLi as your method and log in the same way you log in to your online banking.
  • Instadebit – another method similar to the previous two, with a wide range of worldwide banks supported.


Based in the Netherlands. Unlike the majority of online payment solutions, iDEAL can be used immediately without the need for registration, verification or third-party account funding. In addition to being one of safest methods in existence, it has its own app which can be used on the go from your smartphone or tablet device.

Pay By Phone

PayByPhone is a relatively new method that is available to online users in the UK and Australia. When using a mobile billing casino (also known as “Payforit” casinos), players can make instant deposits and pay for them later via their phone bill. This means you can enjoy your favourite game of blackjack, roulette, online slot, video poker, or beat the live casino in a matter of seconds.


Currently used in New Jersey and Nevada only, PayNearMe requires its players to go to nearest 7-eleven to deposit their cash there, which will be uploaded to their online casino account. The main benefit of this method is that you know your deposit cannot be rejected and that your transfer is 100% safe

Casino Payment Options: Depositing With an Online Casino

Now that we’ve talked about all the different deposit methods out there, some of you may still wonder, how to actually deposit funds with an online casino of your choice. In 99% of cases, this is a very simple process, requiring almost no effort on your part.

  1. Log in to your casino account
  2. Locate your Cashier or click on the “Deposit” link
  3. You’ll see the list of methods available to you, depending on your country and other relevant factors
  4. In the list of methods find the one that fits your needs (after reading this guide, you should have a much better idea what to choose)
  5. Select the method, enter the amount you wish to deposit, and click the button to confirm your transaction
  6. Depending on your selected method, you’ll be taken to a new screen where you’ll enter your credit card details, log in to your e-wallet, or log in to your online banking
  7. Enter the required details and, once you check everything one more time, give it the final confirmation
  8. That’s it! The money will be transferred to your casino account and you’ll be ready to start playing

How Safe are my Financial Details at Online Casinos?

One of the main reasons why people are hesitant about depositing with an online casino is the fact they are afraid of their sensitive financial details getting into the wrong hands. Considering the world we live in, this is a legitimate concern, as it is always better to be safe than sorry.

That said, as long as you stick with the properly licensed and regulated casinos, like the ones we recommend at Casinopedia, there is no reason for fear. All these casinos adhere to strict rules enacted by the likes of Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission, and these rules are very strict when it comes to protecting players’ information.

All of your private info is kept in encrypted files that would be extremely hard to decrypt even if they somehow fell into the wrong hands, and the casino would notify you about the breach of security long before anyone would have time to do any damage.

These are just a few terms that will come in handy at online casinos:
The amount of money you set aside for playing at online casinos.
A different name for wire transfer.
The original cryptocurrency; a type of currency the value of which is directly connected to how it is perceived by its users.
The section of an online casino containing deposit and withdrawal options. When you want to make a deposit or request a cashout, you’ll usually need to visit the cashier to do so.
Another name for withdrawal. When you happen to win a significant amount of money at an online casino, you’ll often want to cash out, i.e. transfer that money back to your card, e-wallet, or bank account.
A casino account is the account players can open at an online casino when they register.
A process of converting one currency into another (e.g. USD to EUR). If your bank account or e-wallet are in one currency and your casino account is in a different one, the conversion will usually take place automatically
A process of transferring money from your bank account or e-wallet to your online casino account so you could play casino slots and other games for real money.
A website or a digital device used to store money to be used for online transactions such as casino deposits.
Various ways for making online payments and deposits at online casinos.
The term with multiple meanings, but in this context, it can often refer to the casino cashier.
A method of sending the money from your bank account to an online casino or from the casino straight to your bank account.
Same as cashing out. Refers to requesting an amount of money to be sent from an online casino to your e-wallet, credit card, or bank account.