Get revved up for Rizk Races – the online casino experience that injects a bit of competition

  • Rizk Races is an ongoing promotion by Rizk Casino
  • Adds competitive element to gameplay

Fancy taking on a bit of competition and trying a new kind of online casino promotion?

Rizk Casino wants to inject a bit of friendly competition into its casino experience.
Rizk Casino wants to inject a bit of friendly competition into its casino experience.

If you do, then visit Rizk Casino, whose Rizk Races promotion is something a bit different from what other online casinos have to offer. It takes regular online casino games and makes them a whole lot more exciting, adding a thrilling new element of competitiveness to them.

How the Rizk Races work

Races start every half an hour and take place all throughout the day, seven days a week.

They’re completely free to enter and they offer some pretty rewarding prizes. Each race takes place on a pre-determined game and once the race starts, you’ll be granted a set number of spins to use within a certain time period on the game.

The objective is to earn points based on your gameplay, with a Leaderboard showcasing those who have scored the most so far.

Earning points

You earn 10 points for every win, along with 30 points for three consecutive wins and, rather surprisingly, 40 points for three losses in a row. The highest number of points up for grabs is 300, which are earned for landing big wins, so long as you’ve already wagered at least 10 times your original bet.

The more points you earn, the higher on the leaderboard you’ll be and the more rewards you’ll earn. Should the race end in a tie, whoever achieved the final score first will be declared the winner. All prizes will be rewarded to players immediately following the end of the race.

The main Rizk Races

There are two Main Rizk Races with actual cash prizes taking place twice day. The first is at 18:00 and has a first place cash prize of €500, while the second is at 20:00 and has a cash prize worth €1,000.

Each of these Main Rizk Games lasts 55 minutes and just like the regular races, they’re completely free to join.

Rizk Casino

Rizk Casino is a decidedly contemporary online casino with a superhero as its mascot.

It was launched in 2016 and has gained an impressive reputation thanks to its extensive games library and its unique promotions; as well as the Rizk Games, there’s the Wheel of Rizk, whose prizes get better the more you play at the casino.


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