Best No Download Casinos

Guide to No Download Casinos

No download casinos are all about experience – they let you jump straight into the action, and for that reason they’re hugely popular among online casino players.
They’re so easy to use, but to get best experience, read our guide to the best no download casinos available to play right now.

Our Top No Download Casinos in 2018

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$5,500 BONUS 18+, New Customers Only, T&Cs Apply

18+. New customers only. Full T&C’s apply.

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No Download Casinos, The Basics

The direct difference between download or no download casinos (also called ‘instant play’) is whether or not the site requires the player to download software. Put simply, this means that a program supplied by the casino is installed on the PC or laptop playing, in much the same way as video games are played.

A download of this nature puts the casino site semi-permanently on your machine, which of course is great from the site’s standpoint, as it’s always ready to go.

Download casinos can take up between 1MB and 30MB of storage space, not a large amount, but for some players, every little byte counts. Every installed program on a computer makes it that little bit untidier. The plus side is that the games are there, ready to go, at a click.

Once downloaded, the games don’t have to be re-loaded each time you play, which is ideal if you have a metered internet connection. This can also help with some performance problems. Many download-based sites also have a larger catalogue of games.

No download casinos, however, are much more liberating. You don’t have to wait for software to install before playing, or go through the installation process. Load up the site and the games are right there!

This also makes it far easier to test a site out, without committing much time or effort. Given the great amount of choice out there now, this is very important.

Instant play casinos have been made possible by improvements to general PC speed and memory, as well as advances in how internet browsers handle interactive elements.

No Download Casino Technology

Instant play sites are able to work on a variety of internet browsers and even different operating systems, such as Mac and Linux. This can vary from site to site, but slot developers tend to build new products with as broad appeal as possible- certainly in the case of mobile play.

To ensure that no download casinos work smoothly, there is some software that needs to be installed and updated on your machine, software that is integral to accessing various interactive websites, not just casinos.

Adobe Flash Player 

Adobe Flash Player is a common choice for modern slot games. Many instant play sites are called ‘flash’ gaming sites for this reason. Fortunately, Adobe Flash Player is free and easy to install, which can be done by simply searching the name. Many computers will already have it, plus it’s built-in to the Chrome browser. Keeping this up-to-date is important for smooth-running games, especially as the latest games may use cutting edge features. This works on almost all operating systems, but is not available for iOS or Android devices.


Java is a programming code that is used in various places, from industrial machinery to everyday computing. This again will be pre-installed on many computers, but can also be updated and installed from the Oracle website.

Java is not used as often as Flash for gaming now, but may be needed for some titles. Java 8 is the latest version to be released.


HTML 5 is the latest version of the mark-up language used to create websites on the internet. HTML has long been an integral component in building a website, but the latest version now allows sites to create and host gaming content too. HTML 5 is believed to allow faster, smoother streaming and works just as well with mobile devices as computers, but is not used by all casinos yet.

Pros and Cons of No Download Casinos

The key drawback to playing games direct from a browser, loading them each time, is loading times. For users with good internet, this is no issue, but those in poor internet areas, it can be an issue. Flash sites are designed to work despite these problems and they typically will, but may lag a little.

On the plus side, these games are designed to be handled by smaller laptops and web books too, with limited memory. No site is perfectly smooth, but recent advances should help there. Browser crashes are not unheard of, but site support can often help here, as can updating all relevant software.

Download software will usually run a little more smoothly on smaller machines. Players who just like to join one or two sites and have all their games directly in front of them tend to prefer the neatness of installing software.

Those who prefer to join several sites, especially for welcome bonuses and free spins, will find that they have to join various flash sites. This is something of a positive, because it would be cumbersome to install software for all sites you visit.

Safe No Download Casinos

When choosing no download casinos you need to look for a site which bears the seals of auditors like eCOGRA and TST.

eCOGRA and TST are non-profit regulatory organizations who exist to ensure that casinos are legitimate and ethical, using good practises and fair random number generators.

Using downloaded software or not, players should always look to sites with licenses in their country of origin. This information is usually found on the site footer.

Players should avoid any sites with licensing or clear company information. A quick internet search will often reveal suspicions about a site, including any concerns about ethics, security and stable technology.

Generally speaking, modern sites do not suffer with these issues. Players can check immediately at the top left of a browser window, to see if a site is covered by a secure certificate.

Advanced Tips

No-download sites are also called ‘flash sites’ and ‘instant play’ casinos
Instant play sites may require more data usage over time
Flash Player is required to use many instant play casinos
No download sites leave no software or unwanted files on your computer
These are just a few terms that crop up at no download casinos:
A free software used to power a broad variety of games and media on the internet.
Another term for withdrawing cash from a site.
A casino site which requires players to install software and then operate directly from the desktop.
A process of transferring money from your bank account or e-wallet to your online casino account so you could play casino slots and other games for real money.
Read more about Ace In The Hole.
eCOGRA is a UK company specializing in the certification of online gaming software and systems across most of Europe.
An online security process that makes it extremely hard for anyone to read a player’s payment details.
Services like PayPal for paying and receiving money electronically, linked to a card or bank account.
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A no-download site using Flash Player technology, but also a byword for this kind of site.
Complimentary bets on a slot machine, usually part of a welcome bonus or special offer.
A license issued by an authoritative body allowing a particular gambling site to offer games of chance, after confirming they act in accordance with the rules.
The gambling regulator for the United Kingdom.
A ‘mark-up language’ or a code system used to create websites.
A no-download site, where games can be played instantly in the browser.
A free internet software used to power computer programs, games and other media.
A site which runs games through a browser, so no permanent software is needed from the casino.
A minimum amount that a player’s credit must be gambled, before they can withdraw winnings.