York County casino could boost Maine’s schools

  • Campaigners claim new casino could generate over $11 million annually for Maine public schools
  • Voters will choose whether to okay the development in state wide polls on November 7

Campaigners from the Progress for Maine group say that voters in Maine are responding favourably to the idea of a new land-based casino in York County.

York County casino could boost Maine's schools
York County casino could boost Maine’s schools

The campaign group claim that a new casino venue in the county could produce annual revenue of over $11 million for the state’s public schools, an education funding boost that would be part of an increase in annual tax revenue of around $45 million generated by the $175 million project.

Campaigners also point to projections of the other potential economic benefits from the development including an estimated 2,165 permanent jobs and 2,767 construction jobs and an increase of $586 million in Maine’s GDP.

Speaking on behalf of the campaign, official spokesperson and Falmouth resident Rebecca Foster said that the education message was a significant factor for Maine voters:

“Maine residents and families consistently cite public education and its funding among their top priorities and concerns, and we are hearing from more and more voters every day.” Rebecca Foster

State spending

The figures quoted by Progress for Maine come from a study produced by economic forecasters Evans, Carroll and Associates, which estimated that the new venue in York County could generate $248.1 million in tax revenues for the state in its first five years.

Along with an $11 million boost to annual education funding, the project could provide money for a range of other state spending initiatives, including $3 million towards college scholarships, and over $2 million to fund programs for the disabled and drug education projects.
Maine voters will be given the opportunity to support the project by voting Yes on Question 1 when they go to the polls on November 7.

If passed, Question 1 would permit the development of a new gaming venue in York County, and Progress for Maine is stepping up its campaign for a Yes vote ahead of November’s poll:

“Maine can help a lot of school districts and a lot of students with $11 million a year in new funding. This is the kind of thing that really will create Progress for Maine, and I am urging everyone I can to vote ‘Yes’ on Question 1.” Rebecca Foster


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