WCOOP players can now relive their winning hands with PokerStars’ highlights reel

  • PokerStars teams with Teepodia to give players their own personal poker highlights reel
  • Each player to make final table at WCOOP will be sent their own poker video

It’s normally video games players who get to capture their best moments and then relive them via a highlight reel, be it slaying final bosses or pulling sick stunts in GTA. But now, PokerStars has decided to get in on the act by offering pro players the chance to relive their greatest hands.

PokerStars Player highlights launch
Winning Moments: Players at PokerStars’ WCOOP will have the chance to watch their highlights

The action might look less adrenaline-fuelled to the casual observer, but for the player who’s just scooped a monster pot with the perfect two-pair, the action is every bit as exciting.

Watch winning moments

The Winning Moments videos, as they’ve been dubbed, have been launched by PokerStars in conjunction with Treepodia. The video specialists create personalised content that can be used to commemorate notable achievements, which poker triumphs can certainly be categorised under.

The Winning Moments concept has been released to coincide with the annual World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP), an eagerly-awaited tournament that can always be counted on to supply its share of memorable moments.

Every competitor who makes the final table will be treated to their own video in which they’ll be addressed by name. There’ll also be narration added in by well known poker commentators.

The ultimate in personalised videos, Winning Moments promise to induce a sense of pride in their subjects. The concept is one that’s sure to be a hit however, encompassing the small moments and the big ones too which, when seamlessly stitched together by the Treepodia team, give a real flavour of the player’s contribution to the tournament.

It’s all in the algorithms

Upon completion of the WCOOP, players will be sent a link to their highlight reel, which they can then revel in and share with gusto. One of the most intriguing things about the project is the way in which the clips that make the grade will be selected.

Rather than relying on hours of manual labour and close scrutiny of every hand played, algorithms will automatically detect the most significant hands and select these, packaging them into a two-minute video that will culminate in the player making the final table and their fate being revealed.

While the victor is sure to relish their highlight reel, it remains to be seen whether the also-rans will be able to stomach the agony of witnessing themselves come so close to the prize pot, only to fall at the final hurdle.

Given the apparent ease with which the videos can be generated, it will be interesting to see whether these are rolled out to other tournaments in future before trickling down to lesser known players and events. You haven’t made it on the poker circuit, it would appear, until you have your own highlight reel.

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