Half a million in six minutes: how a player’s luck changed at 3am

  • After not being able to sleep due to back pain, player logged on to William Hill for ‘a few spins’
  • Just six minutes later he was half a million pounds richer after scooping the Angel Princess progressive jackpot

A Scottish punter is halfway towards becoming a millionaire after scooping a huge online casino jackpot in the dead of night. The lucky player logged on to William Hill after tiring of playing his Playstation and seeking a break – and a fresh challenge.

william hill angel princess winner late at night
Overnight jackpot: the lucky winner paused his Playstation game to have a few spins on Angel Princess and ended up half a million pounds richer

And, just an incredible six minutes later, the 32-year-old from Glasgow got more than he bargained for after landing the big one and being awarded £555,116.48 from an 80p bet.

The ecstatic man promptly woke his fiancé to impart the good news, but because it was 3:45am she reportedly swore at him and tried to go back to sleep. By all accounts, it took some persuading before the man’s partner was convinced that he had genuinely won a life-changing sum of money.

Playing with Destiny

The game in question, Angel Princess, is a roulette-style game with a huge progressive jackpot attached which can rise to over £1 million. There’s never a bad time to win half a mill, but the jackpot comes at a particularly good time for the anonymous punter, who was scheduled to have an operation to alleviate a niggling back problem.

In fact, it was because of the severity of his back pain that he found himself playing his Playstation late into the night after being unable to sleep – the fact that the game he was playing was called Destiny may have been something of an omen. A set of circumstances that, somewhat fortuitously set him on his way to winning his life-changing sum of money.

“Every now and then a curse turns out to be a blessing, this young man would not have been awake at 3:30am were it not for a bad back. I’m sure the pain has been eased considerably.”
Rupert Adams, William Hill spokesman

Explaining his remarkable feat, the 32-year-old builder explained: “I got up and started playing PlayStation. It was a shoot-em-up game and just for a bit of a break I thought I’d have a couple of spins on the William Hill site. I know the game and it is enjoyable to play.”

Astronomical odds

He continued: “After it spins, the cursor goes to an area of the screen where the possible winnings are listed. I thought it was heading for £500 and I thought that would be a great result for a few minutes of play. But then the cursor hit the £555,000 box. Even then, I thought it might move from the box, so I sat with my eyes glued to it for a full five minutes.”

Another remarkable thing about the win was that it came the day after Angel Princess had gone live at William Hill, when the odds of winning the progressive jackpot should have astronomical. The Scots punter won the mammoth jackpot just over three weeks ago and has already been on a dream holiday to Cyprus with his fiancé, who has presumably now forgiven him for waking her in the dead of night.

The couple have also laid plans to upgrade their apartment to a house and are plotting a family trip to Vegas later this year. While it’s been unconfirmed whether he’ll try his hand in Vegas’ finest establishments it may be best to stick to the old adage and quit while ahead.

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