Does this VR gaming experience point to a new future for Las Vegas?

  • MGM Grand gets the West Coast’s first free-roam VR gaming experience
  • Sessions feature one of three games and can last 30 minutes

Will this get the millennials in? A free-roam virtual reality gaming is coming to Las Vegas, thanks to Zero Latency and the MGM Grand.

Sample what it is like in the video below.

As we discovered back in July, virtual reality developer Zero Latency has been looking at creating an experience in Las Vegas for a while, following successes in Melbourne, Tokyo, Madrid and Orlando.

Set to appear in the Level Up gaming lounge at the MGM Grand Hotel, this exciting new form of entertainment will allow players to roam around a space while fully immersed in an interactive game.

Using the power of VR headsets, microphones and some powerful computers, players can share a realistic experience that adds something potentially special to this Las Vegas location.

It is perhaps no coincidence this video game-style experience is appearing in Level Up – the new addition is geared totally to the millennial audience.

How will the VR work?

The gaming arena is a 2,000 square-foot space, which players can roam around freely, while seeing and interacting with a completely virtual environment.

Players wear Razer-integrated headphone units to hear and communicate with each other, plus OSVR HDK2 virtual reality headsets.

This is powered by an Alienware PC gaming computer, worn in a military grade backpack- meaning the experience is wire-free. And of course, if the game requires firepower, they are given a weighted, simulated weapon to get full immersion.

Zero Latency CEO Tim Ruse said: “When it comes to playing games, and exploring new worlds in virtual reality, more people means more fun.

“Technology can often be isolating but we are determined to continue to design games and experiences that bring people together to have mind-blowing VR adventures and forge real memories that can last a lifetime. We’re excited to bring this experience to Las Vegas, our first West Coast location.”

Bringing new gaming experiences to Vegas

The VR arena will allow players to see some amazing games.

Zombie Survival pits them against waves of the undead in an apocalyptic city, Singularity is an investigative game aboard a military space station (complete with deadly robots) and Engineerium is a challenging puzzle game in a fantastical world.

MGM Grand President and COO Scott Sibella said, “We were looking to bring a unique entertainment element to MGM Grand and found the perfect fit with Zero Latency, who create virtual reality gaming experiences using astounding technology. There is simply nothing like this anywhere in Las Vegas and we’re proud that MGM Grand is the first in the city to roll out a “wow moment” for our guests.”

The new experience could well open the door for more VR experiences at casinos – could we be about to see virtual gaming tables, immersive gambling experiences and more?

This VR arena is certainly exciting and an interesting endeavour.

However, one Vegas writer has suggested that the price tag for a session will be $50. Is that a lot for half an hour of gaming, or actually quite little for such a unique experience?

The actual price is yet to be officially confirmed.

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