Las Vegas Strip Taco Bell open for weddings

  • You can now legally wed at the Vegas Strip Taco Bell
  • Competition winners first to wed at restaurant

While Las Vegas is known for its expansive casinos, labyrinthine hotels and dazzling lights, it’s also known for being a top wedding destination. Every year, over 100,000 couples head to the city to say their ‘I do’s and become officially wed.

As of August 7, there’ll be a brand new venue where loved-up couples can get married and it’s something quite out of the ordinary: a Taco Bell restaurant.

Dan Ryckert and Bianca Monda leave their wedding reception at Taco Bell on the Las Vegas Strip. (Photo: Taco Bell)
Dan Ryckert and Bianca Monda leave their wedding reception at Taco Bell on the Las Vegas Strip. (Photo: Taco Bell)

Love and Tacos

It was recently announced that Taco Bell’s Las Vegas Strip restaurant, located beside the Planet Hollywood resort, will become the city’s newest wedding venue from August 7.

The announcement was actually made at the wedding of Dan Byckert and Bianca Monda, a couple who had won Taco Bell’s ‘Loves and Tacos’; as part of their prize, they had been flown out to Vegas on an all-expenses-paid trip so they could be the first ones to get wed in the restaurant.

The wedding package

Taco Bell’s new wedding package is available for a total of $600. This includes the actual service, as well as a number of rather unique souvenirs, such as champagne flutes with the Taco Bell ‘Live Más’ logo on them and a bouquet made from sauce packets.

You can have an audience of up to 15 people watch you get wed, though the officiant may take a few hours to arrive at the restaurant. As part of the package, a dozen tacos and a cake by Cinnabon Delights are provided; guests are able to order any additional food they want from the standard Taco Bell menu. You will need to obtain your marriage license before buying this package.


Though the new role of the Vegas Strip Taco Bell has caught attention, Taco Bell isn’t the first to do this. Denny’s launched a similar package at its Fremont Street restaurant back in 2013. This package is considerably cheaper at $199. It remains to be seen whether other chain restaurants will start capitalizing on this growing trend and launch their own wedding packages.

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