The Vegas strip club that has followed the casinos into accepting Bitcoin

  • The Legends Room in Las Vegas set to become the first strip club to accept Bitcoin
  • Apart from the usual benefits, members will also have a chance to become part-owners

Las Vegas certainly doesn’t lack two things: casinos and strip clubs. Now, Sin City has also become the home to the first strip club accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. This innovative move was introduced by The Legends Room strip club, set to open its doors in April this year.

Strip clubs have stolen a march on their Vegas casino entertainment partners by accepting bitcoin.
Strip clubs have stolen a march on their Vegas casino entertainment partners by accepting bitcoin.

As the most popular crypto-currency out there, Bitcoin has penetrated many of the online markets, from internet gaming to paying for goods and services. However, its application at traditional venues has been very limited, especially when it comes to establishments like bars or strip clubs.

Seizing opportunities

Although it may seem funny at first glance, introducing Bitcoin could prove to be a very prudent business decision. This crypto-currency left the shades of obscurity some time ago, and people no longer see it as some nefarious thing used only by drug traffickers and weapons dealers.

This means there are probably a few bitcoins to go around.

The PR announcing the news is actually full of technical terms, indicating The Legends Room is serious about their business model regardless of how funny it may sound to a casual observer. If everything goes according to plan, members of this gentlemen’s cabaret will be able to pay for their memberships using Bitcoin.

To fulfil their plans, The Legends Room will be looking to partner with a Bitcoin trust Winlevoss ETF. The trust is expected to receive the necessary approval on March 11, which would allow the club to move forward with the Bitcoin implementation.

Members’ benefits

Those interested in joining The Legends Room will be able to purchase their membership packages using Bitcoin. As of right now, the club’s site offers two different packages: Premium and Silver Membership and both of these come with a certain amount of credits that can be spent on drinks and dances.

Apart from these standard benefits, The Legends Room has taken things to a new level. The club has introduced the idea of fractional ownership, giving members a chance to become part-owners, and simply using Bitcoin to pay for all of it.

It may be an unorthodox idea, but there is no denying it’s a creative one, and it’ll be interesting to see how well The Legends Club will do after their official opening in April 2017.

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