UK Gambling Commission to help raise awareness of betting activity to students

  • New data has revealed that 1.2 million UK students like to wager
  • UKGC releases guide with 10 tips to help students make informed decisions when betting

September traditionally sees university students from the around the country head back to their respective universities and reconvene studying. With this is mind, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has released data to help students become more savvy when it comes to betting so they can to avoid any potential issues that may arise.

UKGC student help

The data, drawn from research conducted by YouthSight released shows that two in three students like to wager. As a result, the commission is sharing information to ensure students can make more informed decisions to bet safely should they choose to do so.

What does the data say?

Along with the reported 1.2 million students who like to bet, new research goes on to say that two-thirds of students placed at least one bet over the last month and that one in eight of those missed a lecture because of wagering

The data goes on to indicate that 54% of students who gamble do it in order to make money, whilst 40% of students claimed to have felt a sense of ‘guilt’ after making a bet.

Furthermore, it has been revealed that betting activities had indebted 4% of student bettors, which has prompted the UKGC to offer students the aforementioned advice on gambling.

UKGC student advice

UKGC’s executive director for research Tim Miller has been reported as saying that: “We want to encourage universities to provide the same level of information and support about the risks from gambling as they do for drugs, alcohol and safe sex”.

In order to do this, the UKGC has published a “10 ways to keep yourself safe when gambling” document that covers a range of key ideas such as:

  • Ask yourself why you are gambling
  • Monitor how often you are gambling online
  • Limit how much you spend
  • Make sure the website you are gambling on is licensed
  • Check how your money is protected

The research continues

The UKGC is clearly determined to do as much as possible to help students raise their awareness of betting, as well as their own wagering activity running a more in-depth study into the trends and behaviours of students who do gamble at university.

The commission is reportedly hoping that students will assist by completing a survey that is due to be sent round in relation to gambling activities with an as of yet unknown date for when the results will be revealed.

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