Trump has casino trademark in Jordan – an Arab country where gambling is illegal

  • US President owns a casino trademark in Jordan, it is revealed
  • Casinos are illegal the Arab Middle Eastern country
  • To keep the trademark, his company would have to re-apply during his presidential term

The Associated Press has revealed that Donald Trump has a casino trademark under his name in Jordan, a country in which gambling is currently illegal.

WISHFUL THINKING?Donald Trump has registered casino trademarks in Jordan - an Arab country that outlaws such activity.
WISHFUL THINKING? Donald Trump has registered casino trademarks in Jordan – an Arab country that outlaws such activity.

The news followed an investigation into some of Trump’s business interests in the Middle Eastern country, which revealed he had a further three trademarks.

What does this mean for the President?

Trump applied for – and received – the four trademarks he currently owns, including the Donald Trump casino trademark, before he ran for the presidency of the United States. To keep them active, however, Trump’s company, the Trump Organization, would have to reapply for the trademarks during his first term as US president. The trademarks will expire in February 2019 if it doesn’t. While Trump is president, his company is being run by his two sons.

The casino trademark is for providing gambling and casino services, as well as offering casino facilities. This is all currently illegal in Jordan, despite the fact the country previously authorized the opening of a casino on the Dead Sea. It was planned by a British developer but it caused a political scandal that cost the job of a Jordanian prime minister and was eventually scrapped.

Trump Organization ‘not pursuing’ Jordan casino

Some analysts say the trademarks indicate Trump’s wider intentions in regards to the Middle East. Some are also saying they could lead to a conflict of interest. One of the people raising concerns is Richard Painter. He was the White House ethics lawyer who worked for Republican president George W. Bush.

Alan Garten, however, said the Trump Organization has “never pursued a casino” in Jordan. Garten is the company’s chief legal officer and executive vice president. He said the registration of the trademark was to protect against unauthorized use of the Trump name.


A saying sometimes used to describe a good salesman or businessman is that they could, ‘sell snow to the eskimos’.

Selling casinos to Jordan could now be another such phrase, thanks to this latest revelation on Trump’s business affairs. The Trump Organization’s chief legal officer has said there was never an intention to pursue a casino in Jordan, and it was simply an attempt to block misuse of the Trump name. If that is the whole story, it represents an incredible level of diligence to protect your name in a nation that doesn’t even allow casinos to operate.

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