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  • Two new roulette games unveiled at 32Red
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Online casino’s are always looking for new ways to improve the variety of casino games that they offer to players and 32Red has recently revealed two new live roulette games, speed roulette and double ball roulette.

double roulette
double roulette

Online casino games such as roulette have been growing in popularity for over a decade now and with mobile casinos now more popular than ever before, it is easy to understand why 32Red are so pleased to be able to offer players the two new games.

The brand are one of the UK’s leading online casino companies and has recently seen a massive expansion which included the acquisition of rival casinos Roxy Palace and Go Wild.

After posting profits of £47 million in 2016, the 32Red empire has seen a 52% growth rate over the past four years which a the group have put down to the development of new games, new technology and better services.

Offering a wider range of casino games for players has been a central node in the group’s strategy and Speed Roulette and Double Ball Roulette came to life as a result, with the aim of offering players more ways to win.

Both games fall into the group’s live games category, which means you play at a real table and in real time.

What is Speed Roulette?

Speed Roulette
Speed Roulette

As the name suggests, Speed Roulette is twice as fast! The wheel is designed to spin far faster, and land sooner, than in a standard roulette game. If you like to get in as many decisions per hour as possible, and if you prefer your roulette served quickly and frequently, Speed Roulette is the right choice for you.

What is Double Ball Roulette?

Speed Roulette
Double Roulette

If you want twice the chance of winning from a single spin of the wheel, the obvious answer is to throw another ball into the mix! Double Ball Roulette does just that. When the wheel spins, there is twice as much chance of the player’s number being selected. 32Red reports a 1,300 to 1 maximum payout for the longest double ball bet: that is a huge return for a lucky player who gets their pick right!


32Red’s two new roulette-based games are great examples of the lengths that online casinos are going to in order to keep their game offering competitive.
The creativity showed by their designers and developers to produce the games is enviable but with the industry carrying the possibility of eye-watering profits it is easy to see why so much time and money will have been invested.
Both games are great to play and the gameplay features are what you would expect from one of the market leaders.

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