Trailer released for poker movie based on real-life events, Molly’s Game

  • Molly’s Game trailer promises an exciting and suspenseful thriller
  • The story about the ‘poker princess’ will be arriving to the big screen on November 22

A trailer for Molly’s Game, a long-awaited new poker movie, is out – and it would appear that there is a lot to look forward to on November 22, when the movie is scheduled for a wide release.

Directed by Aaron Sorking and starring Jessica Chastain and Idris Elba, Molly’s Game tells the true tale of private high stakes poker games organized by Molly Bloom, Hollywood ‘poker princess’.

The most exclusive game in town

For years, Molly Bloom was the go-to person for organizing the highest stakes games in Hollywood. Her games were frequented by celebrities and rich businessmen, the likes of Ben Affleck, Leonardo Di Caprio, Tobey Maguire, and many others. She started off serving drinks in these games, which initially took place at the Viper Room bar, but then moved up in life, becoming the ‘poker princess’.

Bloom described many of her experiences in detail in her memoire, including how it all came to a crushing end when she wound up facing serious charges that put a stop on her poker host career.

Although she successfully operated within the boundaries of the law, things changed when Bloom moved to New York and started to take rake from the pots, instead of working for the ‘tips’. This was enough for the FBI to bring charges against her, which eventually resulted in a $125,000 fine and one year probation.

Molly’s Game: a unique poker story

The trailer promises a lot of what we’d expect – plenty of high stakes action, intrigue, lies, and everything else that comes with gambling for huge amounts of money. It seems that the movie will also deal with the legal complications the poker princess had to face.

All names, except for Molly’s, were changed to protect the identities of those involved, since the movie is based on real events after all, but for those a bit more informed about the whole affair, it won’t be too hard to guess who’s who.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a decent poker movie, so hopefully, Molly’s Game will change that. The trailer shows a few scenes from the games, but it is still too early to say how much time will be devoted to actual poker hands. We can only hope there’ll be at least a few tense moments thrown in there for a good measure.

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