Bringing the fruit machine to life: Endorphina’s new 7Up! slot

  • With all the classic icons of a well established slot game, 7Up! could attract players both old and new
  • The game’s reels take up the whole screen and are brightly colore

Endorphina, a market-leading software provider specializing in online casino games, has released a new online slot game known as 7Up!

With five paylines across three reels, 7Up! takes its inspiration from traditional slot games, including the incorporation of much-loved fruit icons such as oranges, lemons, and raspberries. The reels themselves are colourful, glossy, and take up much of the player’s screen, making the game a bold and bright new addition to the online casino sector.

Choose your betting range

Getting started in 7Up! seems relatively straightforward, the first step being the opportunity for the player to set their bets before they spin. Simplicity is the name of the game here, as a simple click on the game’s credit button lets players choose a bet ranging from 0.01 to 1.

Next, click on “Bet” to decide the amount of coins you wish to bet on each line. Selecting “Lines” will then allow you to set the number of lines you wish to play. As with many slots 7Up! features an autospin feature, for any players that like to leave their luck down to the game itself. There’s also the ‘Turbo’ button. Click on this and spins get a boost, spinning faster than before – because sometimes players just need to win quickly, right?

Take it or leave it

On the subject of winning, the ‘Take Risk”’ and ‘Take Win’ options will be revealed players if they land a win, allowing them to either collect their winnings or gamble for more.

During gameplay, if nine identical symbols are shown on the reels, the 7Up! Bonus feature is triggered. This gives the opportunity to multiply the current prize by up to seven times.

Seven, coincidentally, is the same amount of chances the player is given to land a multiplier. Should a symbol that is not a multiplier present itself during the bonus levels, players win a prize and the round will continue until they either get that multiplier or spend all of the seven tries.

Endorphina has taken the liberty to introduce a few neat little extras into the game as well, some of which appear to follow the trend for ‘gamification‘ or creating a more experiential online casino game. Take the ‘Gamble’ feature, for example. During this, the player is shown one card and four others are presented face down. The player is then asked to select one of the four face-down cards, and if their chosen one is higher than that of the dealer, they win.

But if the card they choose happens to be lower than that which the dealer is holding, the player loses and are taken back to regular gameplay, and if the two cards are matched in value, the round is repeated. The chance to collect your prize is given every time the player picks the higher card.

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