Steve Aoki talks further about collaboration on innovative Neon Dream casino game

  • DJ and producer speaks about innovative casino game seen as part of new era
  • Steve Aoki’s Neon Dream will get G2E showcase in Vegas

Grammy Award nominee and respected dance musician Steve Aoki has been sharing his thoughts on the potential of the eSports market, ahead of the scheduled launch of his skill-based casino game Steve Aoki’s Neon Dream: a collaborative project with GameCo Inc.

Steve Aoki's Neon Dream takes players through a world of the DJ's music, offering a skill-based slot experience at the same time.
Steve Aoki’s Neon Dream takes players through a world of the DJ’s music, offering a skill-based gaming experience at the same time.

The producer and artist told GamesBeat how his personal links to Las Vegas and the casino industry have combined with his love of video gaming, and how he is championing the eSports industry at every opportunity in order to create “something that redefines gaming”.

GameCo has told Casinopedia that the terminals are approved for New Jersey, and are launching in mid-October. Further releases are yet to be confirmed.

G2E launchpad for Neon Dream game

Steve Aoki’s Neon Dream is an infinite runner game which uses Aoki’s work for its soundtrack, plunging players into a surreal landscape that is dynamic and engaging.

Players follow the endless tracks while avoiding obstacles and collecting coins – similar to mobile games such as Temple Run.

However, this is no low-res mobile game. Neon Dream features detailed graphics and a fluid motion, set against an electronic dance soundtrack selected from Aoki’s own label and inspired by the artist’s Neon Future album.

Karate Kid V. (The Asian Has To Win In the End) #aokisplayhouse

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Developers GameCo are taking their game concept to Las Vegas next week for the Global Gaming Expo, and the game will be demonstrated in its arcade and tabletop formats during the exhibition.

On October 3, the conference’s first day, Steve Aoki will attend the company’s booth himself to answer questions about the game and reveal new details about its contents.

Personal interests drive Aoki’s gaming innovations

As well as teaming with game developers on his own titles, Aoki recently purchased eSports tournament champions Team Rogue, the Overwatch stars who are taking the competitive gaming industry by storm.

Since their inception in May 2016, the team has placed in several major tournaments with earnings exceeding $100,000.

“I’ve been a gamer all my life and have been getting more and more involved in eSports,” Aoki told a game streaming convention just after the purchase last year.

“I can finally take my love for gaming to the next level as an owner of Rogue.”

Now Aoki wants to build on that success and push eSports to the next level, as a mainstay of casino entertainment. “We can show the rest of the world how big it is, whether you are casual or gaming every day,” the superstar DJ told GamesBeat.

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GameCo agrees with Aoki that video games, not table games, will drive the casinos of the future – and they are heavily invested in it.

“This next generation is going into the casinos but not gambling,” company founder Blaine Graboyes said recently. “A big part of our thesis is for the casino to provide the hospitality for this next generation of gamers.”

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