New Spin & Go Max format at PokerStars: Will it excite the punters?

  • PokerStars reinvents Spin & Go’s with Spin & Go Max format
  • The format introduces more randomness and gambling elements at the expense of skill-based poker

PokerStars Spin & Go tournaments, where players compete for a random prize which is determined at the start of each tournament, are probably the most popular game offer by this online poker giant.

Pokerstars are targeting the more recreational player with its new Spin & Go Max format.
Pokerstars are targeting the more recreational player with its new Spin & Go Max format.

The possibility to win a huge jackpot always hangs in the balance, attracting players to the tables. Now, PokerStars has decided to take things up a notch, introducing Spin & Go Max tournaments.

In a nutshell, this game format will introduce more gambling elements and will reduce the skill factor, but the room clearly banks on recreational players who might find all the new elements exciting and appealing.

What’s different about Spin & Go Max?

PokerStars have introduced quite a few changes to the basic format with Spin & Go Max events.

First of all, the total number of players is determined at random, at it can be anywhere between three and eight players. This is unlike standard Spin & Go’s, where the number of participants is always three.

Another change concerns the prizes. In the old format, which still remains available, of course, one prize would be determined at the start of play. With Spin & Go Max, there are three random prizes, at least one being double the buy-in.

When the play ends, the winner picks one of three cards to reveal one of these three prizes, which adds another element of mystery of suspense.

Furthermore, the number of hands in every Spin & Go Max tournament is limited.

Once that number of hands is reached, players will no longer have any options and will be all in on every next hand, until there is one player holding all the chips. He or she will then become the winner and proceed to pick the prize.

The winner will have the option to take the guaranteed payout, which will be determined based on the hidden payouts, or risk it and go for one of the three hidden prizes. Of course, the guaranteed payout will always be smaller than the biggest prize the player stands to win if they pick correctly.


There is no denying that the Spin & Go Max format sounds very exciting and filled with adrenaline.

However, it is also based on luck much more than other formats of poker. From the random prizes to giving players a chance to straight up gamble at the end of the game, it certainly seems more like a casino game with elements of poker.

Some players will, no doubt, like it, but it may not be to the taste of some PokerStars regulars who are less inclined to see the scales tip more and more in favor of luck instead of skill.

But, if you aren’t bothered by this and just want to pass some time, Spin & Go Max tournaments do sound like a lot of fun – with some poker thrown in the mix.

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