Spain set to open its doors for new applications for online operators

  • A one-year application window will be open for new applicants
  • At least two international operators have expressed serious interest in the Spanish market

There have recently been a number of reports to the positive about Spain’s online casino market, which has seen significant growth with slot gaming especially seeing an impressive 84% hike on the same period in the previous year.

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This prosperity, and bright outlook for the future has now led to local regulators deciding that they will soon start to accept new applications for online casino and gambling operators who have shown a vested interest in setting up shop in Spain’s regulated market.

One-year window

Despite the Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego’s (DGOJ) current tender yet to be officially formalised, the call by the regulatory body will allow potential operators a one-year window to submit their application to become a part of the country’s market, as opposed to the previous one-month application period.

However, the DGOJ has reportedly stated that any applicant will learn the fate of their submission within six-months from the date of request.

Third time’s a charm

Spain appears to finally be getting to grips with its online gambling market and this attempt represents the third time the DGOJ has opened its roster for licences. The first time, it was only a handful of operators claiming the majority of sports betting and poker revenue, leaving a dominated market for a few as opposed to a healthy dose of competition.

However, following the recent strong results and impressive figures, the DGOJ has reportedly let it be know that the time is right to open its doors for a third time following the expression of interest from ‘at least’ two international operators looking for a significant Spanish market presence, who these are, as yet is unknown.

DGOJ shows its hand

Despite the openness of the DGOJ for new applicants, the regulator has ordered two sites to cease their non-approved Spanish market offerings. These two sites, and were reportedly issued so-called ‘cut it out’ notices.

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