When it comes to social casino in the US, mobile leads the way

  • Findings indicate that an increasing number of social casino players play from their mobile devices
  • A small number of players playing from their desktops remains more engaged and willing to spend more money

Online gambling is not allowed in the United States, save for a few states like Nevada and New Jersey. This leaves those wanting to play some slots or table games with very limited options, especially if they want to play in a safe and trustworthy environment.

Mobile is leading the way when it comes to social casino gaming in the USA
Mobile is leading the way when it comes to social casino gaming in the USA

The unfavorable legal situation gave rise to a new phenomenon that is social casinos, which have been booming in the States the past few years.

According to the recently conducted research, a majority of the US residents who enjoy social casino games prefer playing on their mobile devices. This is hardly a surprise given the fact that, in general, a growing number of real money casino players have also been turning to mobile options more and more, leading to casinos putting significant efforts into developing their mobile platforms.

What are social casinos?

The idea of social casinos is hardly new, but the concept has never been so popular in the past, due to the fact that those who enjoyed playing online casino games could simply deposit some cash and try their luck with real money games. With an increasing number of countries developing much stricter regulations, however, and even banning online gambling altogether (like the US), players have been looking for alternatives offered by social gambling platforms.

These platforms have everything you’d expect to find at a regular online casino: slots, table games, scratch cards, and whatever else the developers decided to put in there. The biggest difference is, players don’t gamble for real money, and they can’t win any real money.

This doesn’t mean that players can’t spend any money with a social casino. In fact, they are constantly enticed to buy stuff, be it virtual chips, fancy things for their avatars, virtual drinks – you name it. In fact, social casinos have been one of the fastest growing industries as of late, even though they tend to fly under the radar. It’s all fun and games, and no one is really losing any money. They are just spending it.

This whole concept has actually been a source of some controversy. If the regulators are opposed to online gambling because it leads to people spending money recklessly, what is it that makes social casinos okay? Is it the fact that people get to spend their money, but can never actually win? This whole idea of social casinos is certainly multi-dimensional.

Are desktop computers becoming obsolete?

The study conducted by SuperData showed that of all social casino players out there, only 49% of them ever do it from their desktops.

The percentage of people playing only from their desktop devices is at an all-time low of 6%.
At the same time, that small number of people playing from their computers seems to be more involved, spending on average 69 minutes per session, and almost $80 per month. With mobile users, the average session time is just below one hour mark, and their average monthly expenditures are only about $40.

It is also interesting to note that, according to SuperData findings, the gaming audience at social casinos, regardless of the platform used, is predominantly female, with 73% of mobile and 72% desktop players.

This data shows that there is a clear shift towards mobile gaming. However, the small number of people playing from their desktops is much more involved and willing to spend significantly more money. This indicates that desktop computers still have a lot to offer in terms of the user experience. With their bigger screens, more RAM, and higher processing power, they can offer a more appealing and more involved gaming experience, which results in greater enjoyment levels.

Technology is rapidly evolving and the landscape may change completely a few years down the line, especially with the advent of various VR (Virtual Reality) games and devices hitting the market and with more in the pipeline.

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