How the shift to HTML 5 will affect online casino players

  • Flash, decades old technology, brings slow loading times and security dangers
  • Online casino industry embraces HTML5, industry standard for rich content, with better graphics, and ‘just works’ stability

It’s been a mainstay of the internet since the days of AOL and dial-up, but at last the time has come when we can bid goodbye – or perhaps it should be good riddance – to Flash.

The future for online casino games

For whether you’ve noticed it or not, the venerable old technology which has supported the online casinos that we love for so long is being retired in favour of HTML5.

What’s wrong with Flash?

Flash started life over 20 years ago, back in 1995; before the internet as we know it even existed. In computing terms, it’s ancient technology, and showing its age. Although adaptations over the decades have made it work online, with (some) modern browsers and able to display (mostly) high quality graphics, it does have some major issues:

• Slow loading times (compared to newer technologies)
• Unstable (tends to crash in the middle of games – not ideal for players in the midst of a hot streak!)
• No support for Android or iOS (so you can’t play your favourite Flash casino games on your phone or iPad)
• No support for High-Resolution graphics
• A truly terrible security record

The future is HTML5

Fortunately, the online casino industry is ready for the future, and it’s HTML5. This new technology is not, in fact, all that new. HTML5 has actually been around since 2011, so it’s already tried, tested and has a lot more history than you might think.

HTML5 brings many benefits for online casino gamers, including:

• Better quality graphics
• Faster loading times
• More stable playing experience
• Games that ‘just work’ across computers, tablets and phones
• Better security

Most important of all for the player, you probably won’t notice that anything has changed. Major websites such as YouTube have been using HTML5 to deliver rich web content for years, so the switch for online casino games should be a seamless move to a better experience for everyone.


Online Casino designers and developers are being pushed to the limit to continually improve an operator’s online offering players.
While the move away from flash is more a general internet trend than anything specific relating to online casinos, it is still important news for players who are likely to see a noticeable different as the change takes hold across the web.
The main changes will see better graphics and faster load speeds, helping to improve the overall experience of playing at an online casino, whether you are spinning slots or relying on your poker face to call an opponent’s bluff.

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